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Industrial commercial metal-cutting machines

Industrial commercial metal-cutting machines

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Laser Cutters

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X travel : 1, mm Y travel : mm. Proposed with a high-pressure pump bars of 10 to 20 HP, this machine X travel : 1, mm Y travel : 1, mm. Specifically designed for food cutting , the MDA series can be used for a wide variety of food products such as pastries, X travel : 2,, 1, mm Y travel : 3,, 4, mm Laser power : 2, W - 6, W. Therefore, accommodating a wider material processing scope with fast cutting or piercing speeds due to the cantilever type density and The system cuts parts automatically and continuously, X travel : 2, mm - 14, mm Y travel : 2,, 2,, 1, mm.

Rugged, accurate, affordable, automated cutting machine. The new Voortman V is an effective plate cutting machine that now gives smaller workshops access to the renowned cutting technologies and reputable build quality of X travel : mm Y travel : 1, mm. The V system is the class leading and most versatile plasma coping system that features 8 axes. The superior flexibility of the robot along with the machine construction enables it to cut literally V is a plate cutting machinery manufactured by Voortman.

It is suitable for a wide array of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. To be able to accomplish other kinds of cutting In addition, the product features a x work area, a constant X travel : 3, mm Y travel : 1, mm Laser power : 1, W. Cost-effective Configuration 4. High Precision Cutting Performance Parameters: 1. Cutting Width: 0. Not only it is highly recommend for carbon steel cutting , but also excellent for SS plate, aluminum alloy plate and copper plate cutting.

Advantages: 1. X travel : 3,, 4,, 6, mm Y travel : 1,, 2,, 2, mm Laser power : 1, W - 2, W. Approximate kg 8. SS plate 2. Suitable for most marking, cutting and engraving applications including: trophies and awards, gifts, leather goods, acrylic, crystal and glassware, barcodes, data matrixes, photo, marking In particular, the front-loading concept for total accessibility, integrated cutting table with removable slats and material recovery tray, modular engraving table, double X travel : mm Y travel : , , 1, mm.

These solutions are ideal for: mass produced small signs making large charts cutting letters for large logos machining X travel : mm Y travel : mm Laser power : 40, 30 W. The perfect desktop laser cutter for everything from home use to starting a business, the Zing Laser provides high-quality engraving and cutting , at a low cost.

Epilog's smallest laser, the X travel : mm Y travel : mm Laser power : 60, 40, 50, 30 W. The Zing 24 series is manufactured by Epilog Laser, and is a small format and high-quality engraving line that is for a larger work area, which holds most standard engraving stock material. It has a x mm work area that enables X travel : mm Y travel : mm Laser power : 50 W - W.

It is suitable for operating on aluminum, light alloys and PVC profiles. It is integrated with a 2-controlled The roller performs the initial bundle trimming along with the following customized cutting , which follows a work cycle set by the software.

When the central Fast setup and reduced downtime Productivity in medium and large size sheet metal cutting Conventional and affordable well-proven machine for the production of Modularity is power In the core of the Productivity and accuracy Highly productive and accurate laser machine thanks to the linear motors, the carbon fiber carriage, and the intelligent process sensors Flexibility — new cutting head with With its high throughput and The LaserCube is a flatbed laser cutting machine that's optimized for cutting small parts in both prototype and industrial environments.

Using high-force linear motors built on a granite X travel : , mm Y travel : mm Laser power : W - 20, W. With rugged industrial construction, this system includes a granite The L is a stealth dicing engine manufactured by Hamamatsu. It compresses the laser beam at a wavelength on an internal point and thus forming a mechanical damage layer.

This mechanical damage layer that is formed in a localized X travel : 7, mm Y travel : mm Laser power : 2,, 3, W. Metal furniture, scaffold, medical device, fitness equipment, aerial work platform, electric X travel : 8, mm Y travel : mm Laser power : 3,, 4, W.

Applicable industry: Steel structure, heavy machinery, fire fighting, metal racks, tubes processing industry etc. X travel : 1, mm Y travel : 3, mm Laser power : 1,, 3,, 4, W. High cutting efficiency: continuous swing while improving the cutting efficiency of five-axis water knife, and the processing efficiency water jet metal cutting Copper and many kinds of metal materials cutting and so on. Sheet etal processing, aviation, These six factors ArcBro-Voyager is a portable cutting machine that features an oxy-fuel and plasma cutting function.

It has a compact, and lightweight design, and it can be used on the plate Cutting Precision Improvement Black acrylic case, for protection of cutting head and pressure relief towards the beam, combined with Switzerland cutting The machine is capable of automatic height adjustment to maintain constant focal length and stable cutting quality.

The machine is used for cutting X travel : , , in Y travel : , in. CMS Tecnocut introduces brembana aquatec, a groundbreaking new waterjet machine suitable for metals , X travel : 39, 79, , in Y travel : 39, 79 in. Waterjet Cutting Robot Three-axis hydroabrasive waterjet cutting robot with up to 2 x 4 m work range. With brembana easyline, Tecnocut CMS gives each customer the possibility to have an advanced system TerraBladeD is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. A compact machine for oxyfuel or plasma cutting also in combination.

The cutting machine is CO2 — Laser cutting system for large plate processing Do you want to increase your production competence further through efficient large area processing? Multi-talented cutting system for all cutting processes You value flexibility? This profitable machine High quality for thin and thick metal plate Performation in advance mode, the plate quickly punch cutting , cutting time much saved,automatic folloing system.

Machine running is very stable: adopting the top world import fiber lasers, stable performance, and key parts can reach , hours, high efficiency for photoelectric conversion: Compare with CO2 laser Laser power : 3,, 3,, 4, W Tube diameter : mm.

Fiber and CO2 technology LT8. Laser power : 2,, 1, W Tube diameter : mm. Laser power : 6, W Tube diameter : mm.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Metal cutting machines companies 1, products. X travel. Y travel. Products handled. Control type. Associated functions. Other characteristics.

Laser power. Cutting speed. Tube diameter. Industrial Tools S. New Products Only. Compare this product. Make a request.

To know the features and details about fiber laser cutting machine, let us first know what laser cutting is. If you are going to use a typical commercial laser for cutting materials, it will involve a motion control system.

Refine your search. Most of our customers belong Automotive, Furniture and construction industries. Find out about this company. YAG W laser cutting machines 2. Fiber W laser

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It is quite amazing just how far reaching lasers have become in a relatively short period of time, various forms of laser technology is now common place in the daily lives of millions if not billions of people across the globe Due to the development of different types of lasers, an great variety of metallic and non-metallic materials can be cut, engraved, etched or marked, often too a very high degree of accuracy and at high speed. Depending on the type laser source and power output, laser machines can process a wide range of materials and material thicknesses from very thick steel plate to fine gauge non-ferrous sheet, cutting of fabrics and textiles, engraving of metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, stone and granite to card, paper, leather and more. The laser marking of products requiring bar codes, unique serial numbers, VIN numbers and identification data is another area that is experiencing widespread growth.

Laser Sharp

Laser Cutting is a non-contact subtractive manufacturing technology that uses a laser to cut materials primarily used for industrial manufacturing applications. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power focused laser beam melting the material leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. Another significant maintenance-free technology advantage is the use of fully-sealed encoders that permanently eliminate conditions for laser placement errors and material jamming accidents associated with optical encoders that occasionally break or lose location accuracy due to accumulated debris obscuring the optical location functionality. The use of a light-weight aluminum bridge substantially reduces the total weight placed on the motion system platform further reducing power consumption demands compared to heavier bridge materials used today. The Titan FX Series is a high-power fiber laser cutting system designed to consistently meet the high demands of the metal fabricating industry.

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Figure 1 Even though fiber laser cutting technology left was introduced to the metal fabricating market for the first time in , it has managed to emerge as the laser technology of choice for most fabricators. CO2 technology right , which dominated the market for many years, still is attractive for some applications, but it represents only a small fraction of laser cutting equipment sold today. For most manufacturers, buying an industrial laser cutting machine is a major investment. If the wrong equipment is chosen, you have to live with the decision for quite a long time. It is not unusual to see manufacturers keep a laser for seven to 10 years. Do you know the best way to go about purchasing a laser cutting machine? Even if you currently own one, how long ago did you buy it, and what has changed since then? This guide should help you in making a capital purchase decision that will drive your manufacturing operations to new heights.

A guide for finding the right laser cutting machine

Clean cutting, accuracy, and precision! These tools offer you endless possibilities to create different things. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can create simple boxes and engrave graphics deep into the wood. To save you time and, of course, money , we have stepped in and conducted that research for you, providing ten best laser cutting and engraving machines to suit your needs.

Photo Cutter Machine. MeshCAM is made for people who just want to make parts now.

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Results 1 - 48 of - Get the best deals on Commercial Laser Engraving Machines when 60W USB CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Engraver Cutter.

Commercial photography at a metal cutting manufacturing plant

Conventional and affordable well-proven machine for the production of heavy goods: Laser Sharp is a real workhorse for modern jobshops, available in size and equipped with fiber laser generator up to 10 kW. Precise and repeatable in cutting and laser head positioning thanks to the optimized motion algorithms dedicated to laser tool embedded into the proprietary CNC. Read More. Cost effectiveness High energy efficiency fiber laser, low maintenance required and no laser gases reduce the operating cost. Quick and easy installation: Laser Sharp comes as a single block, no special foundations are required.

Laser Cutting Service Boosts Productivity

X travel : 2, mm Y travel : 4, mm Laser power : 4, W. The machine can cut hose up to a diameter of 1'' four spirals; cutting TF6 is ideal for cutting flexible hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals. Fume extractor upon request. Version without self-braking motor available. X travel : mm Y travel : mm Laser power : W - W. Customer benefits: Precise cutting of very delicate contours in a wide variety of materials Engraving without leaving X travel : mm Y travel : mm Laser power : 80 W - W.

Laser Machines In Industry

Big sales for 15th anniversary Reduce USD for w fiber laser Buy w fiber laser, get another co2 laser machine for free USD valued co2 laser cutting machine as gifts Buy fiber laser below w, USD valued parts for free as gifts included 30 protect mirrors and 20 nozzles. Big sales for 15th anniversary Reduce USD for w fiber laser Buy w fiber laser, get another co2 laser machine for free USD valued co2 laser cutt

Laser Genius

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to slice materials. While typically used for industrial manufacturing applications, it is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists.

Laser cutting

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X travel : 1, mm Y travel : mm. Proposed with a high-pressure pump bars of 10 to 20 HP, this machine

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