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Industry fabrication iron-cutting, rubber-cutting and other hacksaw blades

Industry fabrication iron-cutting, rubber-cutting and other hacksaw blades

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Industrial cutting

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There are two main stages of cutting metal: rough cutting and finish cutting. The purpose of roughing cuts is to remove large amounts of material from the workpiece to create a shape that closely resembles the shape you intended to create. The purpose of finishing cuts is to further remove material to create the exact shape you intended to create. No matter if you are a fabricator, a welder or constructor, you're going to have to cut metal at some point for your project.

At this point it will be crucial to choose the right tool for the job you are performing, because the wrong tool can mess up your project. And you don't want that. Metal-cutting technology is essential in today's era and it requires skilled craftsmanship. The technology has evolved over time, so today we can find many different advanced metals cutting tools, designed to provide precision and speed. Despite the evolution and new technologies, you won't see a metal workshop with some of the most basic hand metal-cutting tools.

This article will help you choose the right tools for your metal-cutting needs by presenting most common metal-cutting tools, show you how to cut metal and present CRATEX offer of high-quality cut-off wheels — Spedecut "True Bond" and "Super Bond".

If still puzzled about the right type of cutting tool for your next project after reading this article, make sure you consult an expert, distributor or the manufacturer. Metal-cutting tools are tools that you'll use to remove material from a metal workpiece through shear deformation. You can cut metal with a single-point or a multi-point tool and using the right one is essential when cutting any kind of metal. The most important features of a metal-cutting tool are toughness resistant to fracture or chip , hardness resistant to heat and long working life wear resistance.

Other important features are the angle of the cutting face , the number of teeth TPI and the teeth width. Important for a metal-cutting tool is to be made of material that is harder than the material that needs to be cut, as that will ensure the tool will withstand the generated heat.

Therefore, choosing the right metal cutting tool depends on the composition of the metal, the material size, the desired characteristics of the cut and the intended use of the workpiece. The key to cutting almost any kind of metal is to match the blade to the metal. Since there are two types of metal, ferrous containing iron and nonferrous most common are aluminum and copper , most cutting blades and discs are labeled for cutting either the first one or the other.

Some are easier to use, some require more skill, some are faster and some slower. Nevertheless, all tools have the same purpose — to help enhance the precision and speed of metal fabrication work.

We created a list of 10 metal cutting tools that are most commonly used in a garage of an average metal worker, so check them out below. Sheetmetal snips are hand tools used to cut flat sheets of thin metal , sothey won't help much with cutting sandwiched layers of sheet metal.

With snips you can make a nice straight cut or quite delicate curves. They often leave sharp, ugly edges that require a lot of work to smooth over, so be careful with metal workpieces that can be easily ruined car body metal. They are rather used for duct work or quickly cutting metal patch panels. Sheet metal snips are typically sold in sets of three : a pair of straight, clockwise and counter-clockwise cuts.

Hacksaw is the most basic and commonly used hand tool for cutting metal and if you choose the right blade for your job, it will deliver maximum efficiency and cutting performance. It does however require a lot of muscle and patience. The tool looks like a C-shaped frame that is attached to a pistol-grip handle, with a thin, slightly flexible blade that runs across the open portion of the frame. Standard hacksaw blades are " long, and the blade can be as small as 6".

The number of teeth per inch TPI is important for obtaining desired results. For example, hacksaws with blades that have small, dense teeth are designed to provide fine cuts through soft or thin metals, such as aluminum and copper without getting hung up in the material.

On the other hand, blades with large, widely spaced teeth allow more material removal and clean-out with each saw stroke. They are suitable for coarser cuts through hard or thick metal, such as steel or iron. Morse , Milwauke and Klein. Angle grinder is one of the most useful and affordable fabricator tools aside from a drill. You can use different types of abrasives that are designed for different applications: cutting, grinding and sanding.

One of the main advantages is that an angle grinder can cut or grind any metal regardless of its hardness, which is something that even the most expensive saw blades can't accomplish e. Angle grinder is a rough cutting tool as it can require a lot of arm strength and control, because the tool can bind and jump off the workpiece, which can cause damage to the surrounding area.

Also, since the spinning of the cutting wheel will create heat in the metal, make sure you are not using the tool to cut through painted metal or any metal workpiece that needs to maintain its look after cutting. Since your workpiece will require some cleanup and smoothing, angle grinder is best used on raw steel projects.

Metal chop saw is a one-wheel cutting tool that rests on a stationary base. To use it, you'll place the metal workpiece on the base beneath the blade, activate it and lower it through the material.

It is a raw and inexpensive tool. Since the cuts are usually not very square and cutting can get messy, the tool is efficient and more suitable for rough cutting. Also, the chop saw makes a lot of sparks that get shot everywhere, especially straight across the room along with abrasive dust and metal bits, so it's a tool that is more suitable for outdoor use. Most chop saws use inch abrasive cutting wheels. The lifetime of a chop saw wheel is hundreds of cuts before it wears out.

Die grinders are something like miniature angle grinders that can be used with various attachments such as small drill bits , small endmills , small abrasive cut-off wheels or small disc-shaped saw blades. The cutter is usually held in a collet, which allows quick change of cutters. The tool is widely used for all sorts of cutting and grinding operations by welders, sheet metal workers, millwrights, ironworkers, boilermakers and many others.

One of the advantages of die grinders is that you can make sharper turns, because it has a smaller blade. It is a perfect tool for complex and detailed work and getting into tight spots. You can use it for cutting bolts, bad welds or tack welds. If you are cutting aluminum, use cutting oil or wax to prevent the sharp edges of the tool from becoming clogged with metal. Sawz or reciprocating saw is basically a hacksaw with motor on it.

It is an aggressive cutting tool with a whole lot of power and is therefore, not suitable for precision cutting, as you'll have trouble making both a clean and straight cut, especially in sheet metal.

It's rather used for trimming reinforced areas of multiple metal sheets that are spot-welded together and is the ultimate power hacksaw for cutting pipes, bolts, rods and angle iron. It can cut thick or thin metal and thanks to its shape, get into tight spots.

The saw blades tend to bend with is great for getting into tight spots and therefore, break a lot, so make sure you always have plenty for backup. Use these guidelines when buying a recip saw:. You can choose between corded and cordless models. If you are going for a corded reciprocating saw, go for at least 9. If you want to decrease the weight of your tool, look for a model with lithium battery.

Lithium batteries also prolong the running time and have longer battery life. Jigsaw is a power tool that has a motor and a reciprocating saw blade. You'll just need to load it with the appropriate bi-metal blades bi-metal blades last 10 times longer and are less likely to break.

There are different types of jigsaw blades with different number of TPI. For example, for cutting sheet metal you're going to need a finer blade with TPI, and you'll need about 14 TPI blade for cutting pipe and mild steel.

Also, there is a blade edge for cutting soft materials, thin blades for cutting tighter curves, push stroke cutting blades that avoid damaging the top surface, cranked blades to allow flush cutting. The downside of jigsaws is control. Since the blades are weak and unsupported at the lower end, you'll need blade rollers to achieve good cut control. The saw is typically fed into the workpiece horizontally while the material is held in place by a vise. The circular saw can be a great metal-cutting tool if fitted with the right blade.

There are two types of wheels that are used: abrasive wheels for cutting solid bars or tube stock, and steel saw blades for cutting aluminum. Carbide-tooth blades can be used for non-ferrous metals, such as brass, copper, lead or aluminum.

Air saws are ideal for trimming and general cutting, because they are small, light and maneuverable. It does however take some skill to cut a straight line, but it's not impossible to learn. The tool is not suitable for thicker materials, such as sandwiched spot-welded sheet metal, as they will slow the air saw down and quickly chew up the teeth on the blades.

You should rather use more powerful tools for the thicker materials angle grinders or reciprocating saw and finish up with the air saw. All you'll need to do after that is run a file over the freshly cut surface to smooth rough edges. If you need to cut painted material, simply mask the area with layers of masking tape to protect the paint. Since air saws consume a moderate amount of air, you'll need to make sure your compressor can keep up — the saw's consumption needs to match the compressor output.

Cut off tools are perfect for precision cutting and trimming. They are most suitable for smaller jobs and thinner materials thanks to their size and design. You can also use the tool as a mini grinder for working in tight areas.

Trimming painted metal with this tool isn't quite recommendable, as there is a possibility of burning the paint. Spedecut abrasives have been on the market for about 80 years and for that time they became well-known and respectable for their dependable quality, performance and cost-efficient products. Spedecut "True Bond" and "Super Bond" cut off wheels are double reinforced with fiberglass layers on both sides to provide ultimate safety in the thinnest wheel while performing straight cutting.

The aluminum-oxide formula offers longest lasting wheel life and fastest cutting performance. Spedecut wheels are designed to deliver maximum performance and exactly what you need from your cut-off wheels when cutting all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals - superior durability, flexibility, rigidity and toughness. Thanks to the wide variety of products, Spedecut is the preferred cutting wheel in numerous industries, such as:.

Since the Spedecut products are designed to deliver maximum performance, we pay special attention to their shipping and storage containers. The heavy-duty packaging assures safe delivery of Spedecut products to our customer's doors.

Regardless of your cutting requirements, Spedecut has the right wheel for the job at the right price. And the more wheels you need, the better the price, so make sure you check out Spedecut wheel rates for different quantities! The double reinforced resinoid Spedecut TB "True Bond" cut-off wheels help you get the most out of your power cutting tools. They range from 1" to 10" in diameter and are available in 4 standard grades :.

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Bi-metal blade construction reduces the tendency of solid HSS blades to shatter. Wavy set and high tooth hardness yield longer life blade life. The bimetal construction reduces the tendency of solid HSS blades to shatter. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Distance 5 10 25 50

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High masts with fixed head frames, Type Hack Saw Manufacturer of Lathe Machine, Hacksaw Machine. Frequent updates ensuring high quality data.

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Metal Hacksaw. Choosing the right blade for the material you are cutting is essential to the success of this method. Hacksaw Machine Powered with Excellence. It combines the. Get latest price of Power Hacksaw. The hacksaw front handle becomes a pistol grip jab saw for added convenience.

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No matter what industry your in, we carry the saw blades that will let you complete your project efficiently. We have saw blades for wood, metal, tile, concrete, and every kind of stone that will provide professional results with every cut. Whether you're looking for circular saw blades, large diameter carbide tipped saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, portable bandsaw blades, hacksaw blades, or holesaw blades and kits, we have them at exceptional prices. The incredibly long life of these carbide tipped circular saw blades will provide superior performance you can depend on. We also carry a selection of large diameter carbide tipped saw blades that measure from 10 to 12 inches, making them perfect for use in your radial arm saw or compound miter box. Manufactured by Skil so you know these larger diameter carbide tipped saw blades will give you a great cut, every time. The reciprocating saw blades that we carry are made in America and you can see the exceptional craftsmanship in every blade. These bi-metal reciprocating blades from Lenox and Marathon are designed for cutting metal, although provide excellent results when cutting through wood with embedded nails.

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Power Shears It is one of the best oscillating tool blades for cutting metal as it has a versatile, tough case. Capable of cutting relatively heavy gauges when compared to hand and bench tools it has the added advantage of being hand held and portable. Using a standard 3 in.

The beginnings of the manufacture date back to the year when the Pilana company established its branch there and started producing metal cutting circular saw blades from the very beginning. The logo change reflects our change of customer service strategy. We have evolved from a mass supplier of standard tools to the supply of specialized saw blades and knives in small quantities in accordance with market needs. We believe that you as our client will benefit from our company mission of non-standard industrial knives and milling cutters production. The continous investing in new and advanced production processes, closely controlled by sound technical and commercial management expertise has brought GSP - High Tech Saws, s. Our strengths include the ability to flexibly respond to customer needs. Expert assistance in selecting a suitable cutting tool or custom manufacture instruments according to the individual needs of our customers is commonplace. If you have problems during operation, we will help you find a suitable solution. Slitting saws in both high speed and super high speed steels suitable for cutting-off, milling, and grooving steels and alloys on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. Physical Vapour Deposition coated execution. Circular slitting saws in both high speed and super high speed steel suitable for slitting screws in all types of steels and alloys.

2, 2, || 85 13 Clothing of rubber or of rubberized cloth 5, 3, 2, 22 cotton yarn, mercerized, all kinds for manufacturing. 10 Industrial oil burners - - - - 1, 1, (1) || Hacksaw blades. 73 53– Hand-operated pipe cutters and other metal cutting tools”.

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Provide Feedback. Manufacturer of cutting tools including annular cutters. Types include armor plated cutters, high speed steel cutters, tungsten carbide tipped cutters, cobalt cutters, large dia. Available in hardened and high-speed tool steel annular cutters are precision-ground with up to 16 teeth and are available in drill depth ranging from 1 in. Large dia.

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Provide Feedback. Manufacturer of metal cutting saw blades for portable reciprocating saws, hacksaws, band saws, dry metal cutting circular saws and miter saws. Types of metal cutting blades include bi-metal blades, high speed steel blades, M-tooth blades, extra-thick blades, carbide blades, M42 cobalt steel blades and tungsten carbide-tipped saw blades. Distributor of metal cutting band saw blades. Works with materials such as bi-metal, carbide, steel, high speed steel and stainless steel. Other products include wiper, deburring, cold saw, pipe cutter and ironworker blades. Custom manufacturing and packaging, testing, inspection and re-certification, design and engineering, repair, regrinding and third party logistics services are available. ISO certified. Shipping in 24 hours available.

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Our knowledgeable buyer service will help you choose just the right Hss Slitting Blade factory in reliable price. Welcome to discuss about the newest trends associated with tooling industries in our communities. When purchasing hardware and tools from China, quality control, logistic organization, and delivery control are all very important factors to take into consideration.

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There are two main stages of cutting metal: rough cutting and finish cutting. The purpose of roughing cuts is to remove large amounts of material from the workpiece to create a shape that closely resembles the shape you intended to create. The purpose of finishing cuts is to further remove material to create the exact shape you intended to create. No matter if you are a fabricator, a welder or constructor, you're going to have to cut metal at some point for your project.

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A hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw , originally and mainly made for cutting metal. The equivalent saw for cutting wood is usually called bow saw. Most hacksaws are hand saws with a C-shaped frame that holds a blade under tension.

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