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Custom-made Intersectoral Solutions

Hand tools, power tools, workshop equipment, complete van racking system, special military tools for tanks and aircrafts , light and case systems.

Comprises trading and engineering companies for electronic, measuring and testing equipment including electronic components. Spheres of application: aviation, defense and electronic industries. Sales, repairs, production and upgrades of military vehicles, spare parts, weapons, ammunition and other military equipment.

Production of wireless equipment, tactical wireless stations, electronic systems, night vision equipment for the defense sector. International distributor of high quality firearms and accessories. Worldwide manufacturer and supplier of modular systems for rapid response missions in areas of adversity and complex emergencies. The company manufactures: - Small caliber ammunition from 5.

Avionics for helicopters and airplanes, communication and navigation equipment, connectivity between aircraft and cabin entertainment systems. Design and production of the aircraft protection systems against guided missiles, ammunition, guidance systems, targeting systems. Development and manufacturing of advanced radar data collection and processing systems for civil and defense markets. Special Device Production State Enterprise "Arsenal" is the developer and manufacturer of optical and optoelectronic devices for space, aviation and ground equipment for military and civil purposes.

Leading operator in the market of metallurgical and chemical raw materials, metals and alloys, which has a developed production and technical base. Production of specialized aircraft and consumer goods; provision with polygraphic services; commercial activity; manufacture of products using expensive materials. Research, research and development, engineering works aimed at creation of modern designs of artillery armament and small arms, ammunition, and also production of weapons and ammunition.

Creation, structuring and development of the corporate security market in Ukraine, including its legislative support, using the best practices of corporate security and corporate governance.

Design and manufacture of mass and individual holsters, sheath, pouches of a new generation. Wide range of tactical accessories and gear. Manufacturer of garment accessories, headgear, safety footwear, epaulets, and chevrons for law enforcement agencies. Ukrainian producer of tactical and combat knives. All stages of production are carried out on the territory of Ukraine.

Private educational institution offering professional training solutions in the field of integrated security. Equipment and tools for the production and repair of armored vehicles, radar and communication devices, aircraft, art weapons, supply and adjustment of metal cutting equipment and tools produced in Switzerland, South Korea, Spain. Production of weapons from the best components from all over the world.

Equipment and services for detecting information leakage channels; preventing the leakage of information; metal detectors for security services. Deep drilling services. Design, manufacture and repair of electric motors and DC electromagnets, including foreign analogues and products in accordance with the customer's terms of reference. Development and mass production of electronic microwave devices for commercial and special applications.

Multifunctional company, combining several directions in four areas at once: safety, IT technologies, automation and energy saving. Supply of Esri software.

Technical support, consulting services and support of geoinformation projects. Consumables for forensic science: fingerprinting powders, brushes and applicators for fingerprinting powders, fingerprinting films, reagents for visualization and research of hidden blood traces, lighting devices; laboratory equipment; equipment for phonoscopic examinations.

Mass manufacture, repair and modernization of units for hydraulic, fuel and electrical aircraft systems. Production of hydraulic equipment, hydraulic control and power systems, winches, gearboxes and other engineering products. Supply of fabrics and accessories made in the US for military, tactical, hunting and sporting equipment. Design and manufacture of designer elements of interior, jewelry and gifts including different types of guns.

Design, sale and installation of security and control systems. Retail chain providing goods for hunting and outfit. Manufacture of the explosion initiation means and products containing explosives and pyrotechnic compounds. Development and production of military and civilian radio monitoring and direction finding systems and radars. Development and production of the unique information security products and software.

Organization intended to attract investment, support and commercialization of innovative projects. Production of arms and ammunition, ground equipment for helicopters servicing, specialized sensor equipment, containers for ammunition.

The system of stabilization and control of armament "Synthesis" is a complex of software and hardware designed to stabilize the fire. Development and production of armored equipment battle tanks, heavy infantry combat vehicle, armored personnel carriers , engineering equipment, and also high technology training aids for armored combat.

Development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons, military and special equipment and ammunition; development, production of maintenance tools for the repair of armored vehicles and other weapons. Highly effective system of tracking the sun for power supply of military equipment in the field from solar batteries.

Information system of additional communication for people with temporary disabilities of oral speech. Official representative of the international holding company Kontron AG specialized in producing embedded computer equipment for further application in medical equipment, test equipment, aerospace systems, military systems. Production of light armament of armored force vehicles, overhaul and upgrading of armored, engineering and combat vehicles, weapon ordnance, production of spare parts for armored vehicles armament and technique.

The latest developments for military and rescue workers. Field unloading system. A set of clothes to protect against especially dangerous infections. Set of emergency rescue clothing. Concealable body armor. Production and modernization of bodies of military armored vehicles of various modifications combat, command, C2, repair and evacuation, medical vehicles and their components.

Design and manufacture of electronic components: switching products, contact devices, connector sockets, carrier satellites for integral circuits. Creation of normative and technical documentation on the stages of development, operation, upgrade and recycling of guided weapons. An experimental sample of a portable device for measuring the magnetic field of a ship.

Repair of aircraft and military purpose equipment. Production and modernization of heavy and lightly armored vehicles for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and foreign customers. Manufacture of high quality connectors. The official representative of Fischer Connectors in Ukraine.

Higher military educational institution of Ukraine, which prepares officers of the communication troops for all power structures of Ukraine. Repair of aircraft equipment; overhaul and middle repair of various aircraft types and engines, and also ship gas and turbine installations and component parts. Training of experts with higher education for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations, as well as for the law enforcement agencies and armed forces of foreign states.

Armor made of super strength superhard reinforced ceramic materials. The robotic platform is a UAV system. The use of laser processing to improve the quality of military products. Creation, organization of production, repair, modernization and implementation of SAM, radar, ACS, air traffic control systems, aircraft, communications and information security systems.

Overhaul, repair as per technical condition, control and recovery works, extension of service life indications and upgrading of aircraft. Manufacture and sale of safes and equipment for safe storage of valuables.

Distributor of polymer materials: aviation acryl, polycarbonate, composite materials, aviation films and engineering plastics. Production of armored vehicles, including tactical armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Makarov, State Enterprise. One of the world's scientific and industrial complexes, conducting mass production samples of modern rocket and space technology, space vehicles, aircraft units, products for industrial purposes.

Manufacture and supply of tactical and field gear. The official representative of the famous international brands: 5. Milling centers for light alloys, plastics and composites processing. Technologies and materials for creation of model rigging. Design, production and upgrade of electronic equipment for the military radar and optoelectronic weapon control systems, aiming systems, navigation and communication systems.

Manufacture of foam racks, holders and rest forks for guns. Sale of customized standard and models. Protected IT equipment for extreme operating conditions. Designing, manufacturing and delivery of electronic products for: terrestrial satellite communication systems, mobile radio reconnaissance and electronic warfare complexes.

Modern enterprise of military and industrial complex of Ukraine, which produces small arms, ammunition and special equipment. Production of industrial filter equipment and filter elements. Filters for cleaning aviation fuel, cleaning of air in engines of armored vehicles. Manufacturer of clothes, working wears, insignias, decorations, banners and pennants, applies logotypes for workers of law machinery, army, any other units. Manufacturer of additional special equipment for vehicles.

Tactical gear for special units and active games, fleece jackets, medical bags and backpacks, first aid kits, belts, holster caps, helmet covers. Production of men's and women's clothing, overalls, uniforms, clothing and tents for power structures. Integrated security systems and weapons systems; system for individual tactical and fire training.

Development and testing of hybrid equipment for outdoor activities, tourism, extreme sports and other adventures. Special-purpose, rescue and cargo, training parachute systems, other parachute equipment and accessories.

Repair and spare parts supply carried out by highly qualified and experienced engineering staff. The provision of services and delivery of goods is based on our company's quality system and technical documentation. Development and production of professional tactical gear and clothing.

Production of backpacks, weapon cases, belts and cartridge pouches.

Industrial symbiosis for valorising whey and banana wastes and by-products for the production of novel foods. United Kingdom.

The central starting point of the paper is that well-known classical patterns of creating innovations are changing. This has twofold consequences: On the one hand, the so-called high-tech industry influences non-high-tech branches as well as important suppliers of innovative solutions. On the other hand, the particular requirements and conditions of so-called low-tech branches affect companies of high-tech industries as specific drivers of innovation, too. They are considered the main drivers of knowledge creation and innovation and prototypes of new collective forms of organization. In fact, in mature economic segments of the so-called Old Economy manufacturing as well as innovation processes are increasingly performed in global, national or local innovation and training networks. As a consequence, functions not considered to be strategically important, are sourced out to other companies with which network-style relationships are established.

Agriculture and food

From a region proud of its unique and inimitable food and wine traditions , forged by the coming together of quality, know-how and the territory itself, come unrivalled PDO and PGI products: exquisite flavours, rich seams of delicious delights and unrepeatable sensory experiences. Top-quality typical products, processed following traditional methods , together with an industrial fabric specialised in the production of consumer goods and food processing machinery : this is the Emilia-Romagna of Protected Geographic Indication PGI and Protected Denomination of Origin PDO products. Emilia-Romagna was the first Italian region to adopt specific rules regarding the production of quality-controlled products , as well as being the first to adopt a law on food traceability, making it a region that specialises not only in producing culinary treasures, but also food processing machinery. Indeed, the area between Reggio and Modena accounts for the highest concentration of agricultural machinery production in Italy, whilst between Bologna and Parma the production of industrial food packaging machines is the most competitive on a global level. The combination of entrepreneurship and the spirit of cooperation that are typical of the region are expressed more clearly in the food and agriculture sector.

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Objectives The ultimate and long-term objective of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation is to halt the current and continuing loss of plant diversity. The Strategy will provide a framework to facilitate harmony between existing initiatives aimed at plant conservation, to identify gaps where new initiatives are required, and to promote mobilization of the necessary resources. The Strategy will be a tool to enhance the ecosystem approach to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and focus on the vital role of plants in the structure and functioning of ecological systems and assure provision of the goods and services such systems provide The Strategy will also:. Target 1: A widely accessible working list of known plant species, as a step towards a complete world flora. A working list of known plant species is considered to be a fundamental requirement for plant conservation. Some , scientific names are known for these , species.

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Beside the tool making the company stands out due to its own machine building. From the development to the manufacturing and the assembly the complete production takes place in the own premises. With the variety of tools, machines and services the small crafts business of the engraving master Herbert Spilker became an internationally positioned company with subsidiaries in Italy and Poland. The work in close cooperation with the customer is essential for Spilker. The user is tightly involved during the planning and development process of the tools and machines. The result are custom-made special solutions in the tool and machine sector which are geared towards a multiplicity of materials. The rotary tools and machines are designed for the cutting, finishing and converting of print products and labels as well as a variety of further materials. With approx. The modern machinery includes 39 CNC-machines which run in a three-shift-operation. Advanced technology and mechanical precision guarantee the constant quality of the Spilker products.

On production of organic products

Manufacturing comprises more than half of the Philippines's industrial sector and accounts for almost a quarter of the country's Gross Domestic Product GDP. From an annual growth rate of 5. Manufacturing industries have higher employment, income and output multipliers relative to the agriculture and services sectors. Manufacturing also promotes stronger inter-industry and inter-sectoral linkages, firm productivity, technological development and innovation.

This Law defines the legal, economic, social and organizational basis for production of organic products aimed at ensuring the rational use of soils, promoting healthy nutrition and protection of environment. This Law regulates the relations that arise between producers of organic products, other individual and legal entities, the authorized bodies in the field of production of organic products. Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of production of organic products is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and consists of this Law and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The links between agriculture and health: an intersectoral opportunity to improve the health and livelihoods of the poor. Corinna Hawkes 1 ; Marie Ruel. Agriculture and health are linked in many ways. First, agriculture is essential for good health: it produces the world's food, fibre and materials for shelter; in many countries it is also an important source of livelihood among the poor. Health also affects agriculture: people's health status influences the demand for agricultural outputs, and in agricultural communities, poor health reduces work performance, reducing income and productivity and perpetuating a downward spiral into ill-health. This paper presents an overview of the bidirectional links between agriculture and health with a focus on the developing world. It develops a conceptual framework that brings together the various links between agriculture and health into a single broad framework. These links between agriculture and health present an opportunity for the two sectors to work together to find solutions to each other's problems. Yet the health and agricultural sectors remain poorly coordinated. Leadership from global health and agricultural institutions is needed to build policies and good governance to facilitate integration, while capacity building is needed at all levels to help translate the conceptual links into comprehensive action on the ground.

aimed at improving the production of natural plant products as the basis for a wide Intersectoral: MICROMETABOLITE reinforces the interaction between public offering trainings in analytical procedures needed in different industry sectors, Microorganisms will be integrated in plant production systems, and protocols.


NCBI Bookshelf. Corresponding author: David A. Many aspects of population health can be addressed solely by services delivered through the health sector. These services include health promotion and prevention efforts as well as treatment and rehabilitation for specific diseases or injuries. At the same time, policies initiated by or in collaboration with other sectors, such as agriculture, energy, and transportation, can also reduce the incidence of disease and injury, often to great effect.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. The U. Economies of scale thus are critical to profitability. Pulp and paper mills produce up to 5, tons of paper per day to satisfy a national consumption rate of pounds per American per year, double the consumption in 1 Blum et al.

Hand tools, power tools, workshop equipment, complete van racking system, special military tools for tanks and aircrafts , light and case systems. Comprises trading and engineering companies for electronic, measuring and testing equipment including electronic components. Spheres of application: aviation, defense and electronic industries. Sales, repairs, production and upgrades of military vehicles, spare parts, weapons, ammunition and other military equipment.

Magaril , C. Brebbia , M.

The changes in consumption pattern also make crop diversification imperative. There is a growing preference by consumers towards processed foods such as flour, packaged milk, instant foods, meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables. With the share of unprocessed foods falling in the consumption, the future growth in agriculture lies in these value added products and areas like horticulture and floriculture, which also have higher export potential. In such emerging areas of agriculture, the heterogeneity of products is much greater.

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