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Production industrial perfume, cosmetic and essential oil products

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Essential oils, natural fragrances and fragrances

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Essential oils are the volatile compounds having the oily fragrance. Essential oils are obtained from the different plant parts, and they are extracted from the different techniques and the most preferable method of extraction is the hydrodistillation which is cheap and easy to use. Plant parts including the flowers, leaves, stem, bark and roots are used for the isolation of essential oils.

Essential oils are used in almost every field of life and because of these characteristics, the market of essential oils is growing rapidly. Essential oils are used in the aromatherapy and act as antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, pain relievers, anxiety, depression.

In the field of cosmetics and industries, the essential oils are used rapidly and mostly used in the perfume industries which are growing increasingly. Essential oils are used in the food preservations and many food items. Essential oils are used as the folk herbal medicines and their fragrance is used for the improvement of the mood and as the depression release. Essential Oils - Oils of Nature. Essential oils have been used in the folk medicines throughout the history. Essential oils are called the ethereal or volatile oils, which are fragrant oily liquid that are extracted from the various parts of the plants and mostly used as the food flavors.

These volatile oils showed the different kinds of biological activities including the antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral, insecticidal, etc. These oils are also used for cancer treatment, while some other has been used for the food preservations, aromatherapy, and in the perfumery industries [ 2 ].

The antimicrobial and antioxidant screening of essential oil acts as the root of numerous applications including the processed and fresh food preservations, natural therapies, pharmaceuticals, and alternative medicines [ 3 ]. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy as an alternative source of wound healing because of the aromatic compounds that are present in the essential oils. It is also used as a relaxation process, but this evidence is not under consideration [ 4 ].

Medicinal and aromatic plants are extensively used as natural organic compounds and as medicines [ 5 ]. Previously, essential oils have been used for the treatment of various sorts of infectious diseases in the whole world. Now, in this era, the importance of essential oils is increasing day by day, because they are mostly used in the beverage and food industries, cosmetics and fragrance industries for making valuable perfumes, and with lot of biological activities [ 6 ]. Various essential oils have been used for the insecticidal activities against the different pests, but in detail, studies showed that they do not show the repellence, avicidal, phytochemistry, antifungal, and oviposition.

Essential oils that showed good antioxidant activates and acts as the defensive role for the unsaturation of lipids in the tissue of the animal and they also act as hepatoprotective negotiators in mammals. The antioxidant substances are most important for human being because of the oxygen which is a toxic element and has the ability to change the metabolic activities into the most reactive form of oxygen just like the super oxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl free radicals, and the singlet oxygen which are collectively called as active oxygen [ 8 ].

Essential oils are best known for their action as the antispasmodic, antiviral negotiators, antimicrobial, and carminative, and the essential oil composition is variable; they also show different sorts of activities and mostly depend upon the chemo types [ 9 ].

Essential oils were extracted from different aromatic plants. These plants are distributed in the tropical countries and Mediterranean. These plants got importance because local people use them for the treatment of diseases.

The essential oil is produced in every part of the plant including the leaves, seeds, buds, stem, flowers, leaves etc as shown in Figure 1. Essential oil is accumulated from the epidermic cell, cavities, secretary cells, and channels [ 10 ]. The odor that is produced in plants is because of essential oils. The essential oils were extracted from the dried, fresh, or partially dehydrated materials of plant. The extraction rate depends upon the diffusion via plant tissues that directly involve the surface from which the essential oil was removed by different processes.

The extraction of essential oil depends upon the stability of the essential oil. The two most important method that are used for the extraction of essential oil was used are steam distillation method and the hydro distillation process as shown in Figure 2.

These are the most suitable and effective techniques for the extraction processes [ 11 ]. Some other methods were also used for extraction but they are not too much suitable for this process these are the microwave or liquid carbon dioxide, high- or low-pressure distillation with the help hot water or steam water Figures 1 and 2 [ 12 ].

The essential oil extracted from the steam distillation method is mostly used in pharmacological activities and food items, while the essential oil that are used in the fragrance industry or perfume industry are extracted from the lipophilic solvents and sometime with the supercritical carbon dioxide going more attractive [ 13 ].

The quality of the essential oil depended on the basis of the age of plants, parts that are used for extraction, vegetative cycle stage, effect of climate, etc.

The chromatographic and the spectroscopic techniques fully changed the chemical analysis of the essential oils. The chemical composition of the essential oils was studied with the help of IR-spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectroscopy, gas chromatography, NMR spectroscopy [ 14 ].

The enhanced demand for the essential oil in various fields of life provoked us to access the reliable methods for the essential oil analysis, and the techniques used are the GC-MS and GC analyses [ 15 ]. The characterization of the essential oil was carried out by using the gas chromatography. The storage and handling of the essential oil also affect its yield and quality, ad essential oil was deposited in the oil glands that are present in the organization of the plant material [ 16 ]. The worldwide essential oil market demand was It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.

Usage of essential oils in industries are increases day by including the beverage, food, personal care, aromatherapy, and cosmetics.

Various sorts of the health-related benefits are offered by essential oils and they are reported as the anticipated fuel and their demand is increasing in the medical and pharmaceuticals applications. Most of the conventional drugs have no side effects. The growing inclination of the consumers toward the organic and natural products is leading to increase the use of essential oils in the beverage, food, and cosmetics industries. The increase in the World population are suffering from the different kinds of health-related issues and essential oils are used in aromatherapy products and due to this reason, the Worldwide market of essential oils are increasing day by day [ 17 ].

The period when essential oils were utilized first on a commercial scale is hard to recognize. The nineteenth century is for the most part viewed as the beginning of the cutting-edge period of commercial utilization of essential oils. Notwithstanding, the extensive scale use of essential oils goes back to antiquated Egypt.

Valuable scents have been found in numerous Egyptian archeological unearthing, as an image of riches and social position. This aroma, in view of rosemary basic oil distillate, was made in the mid-fourteenth century for the Polish-conceived Queen Elisabeth of Hungary.

Following an uncommon introduction to King Charles V, The Wise of France in , it ended up prevalent in all medieval European courts. This crisp citrus aroma was the making of Jean Maria Farina, a relative of Italian perfumers who came to France with Catherine de Medici and settled in Grasse in the sixteenth century.

The essential oil market was extended day by day because of increase in demand for the essential oil products including the soap, cosmetics, and food industries. The international companies are the major contributors of the development of the essential oil industries in the mid-nineteenth century [ 18 ]. Changing the standards of the living led to the occurrence of different sorts of mental issues including the depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress that led to grow the market of essential oils because they are used for the treatment of such kinds of diseases.

There are more than industries in the Pakistan which industrialized various human resources. These industries used unprocessed material especially essential oils that are imported from the western countries.

Pakistan imports more than Rs. The environment of Pakistan is much more suitable for the growth of essential oils crops. And from these plants the essential oils obtained, and they are used in essential oil industries, but this industry is not much more attractive in Pakistan. The essential oil has been large number of usages in worldwide products including the ice creams perfumes, backed food stuff, beverage, and cosmetics as shown in Figure 3. Newly, at least kinds of essential oils out of are commercially important in various kinds of industries including the perfume and sanitary industries, cosmetics, food, beverage, agronomics, and pharmaceuticals [ 20 ].

Some of the bioactive components that are present in essential oils are the limonene, geranyl acetate, carvone, etc. Essential oils are used for the preservation of the food additives; for the treatment of common diseases and folk medicines; and used by aromatherapist. Essential oils are used as the natural antioxidant. The usage of natural antioxidant is prominent in the defensive medicines and food items, and because of this reason, essential oils are getting popular day by day.

Recently, the growth explores the applications of the volatile essential oils for remedial usage and in the treatment of some infectious diseases [ 21 ]. Essential oils are widely used in perfumes, personal hygiene products, and in aromatherapy including the inhalation, massage, masking agent to avoid the unpleasant odor in the textile industries, paint and plastic industries, and pharmaceuticals formulations. Figure 3 [ 22 ]. The essential oils are the products that are obtained from the plant extracts and have been used for large-scale industrial and homemade products.

The major usages of essential oils are pest control products, cleaning actions, and counter medications among the other products and personal care products.

Essential oils have various advantages in wound healing, rejuvenation, and relaxation. Alongside their applications in the betterment of the health issues, the most common health issues such as migraines and nausea are cured from the essential oils. It is also used in the food industries because of their preservative potential in contrast to the foodborne pathogens, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal characteristics.

The use of aromatherapy as the harmonizing care is speedup due to their unique characteristics which include the coping with some of side effects of cancer and to promote the wound healing [ 23 ]. The essential oils that are used in the perfume industries are classified according to their diffusion rate in air and volatility:.

Base note : these are the least volatile essential oils and last for a longtime period. These remain for longtime duration including several hours. Some essential oils that are used as the base notes are the Myrrh, vanilla, sandalwood, and frankincense. These include Ylang-ylang, jasmine, geranium, clove, and lavender.

Top note : these are the most volatile and the first perceptible odors from the perfume. These include berry, bergamot, cinnamon, juniper, and gardenia. Perfumes are formulated mostly using alcohol, though these may contain the cloudy solutions.

Eau de types of perfumes are mostly formulated using the essential oils generally amber color because of their natural oils color but normally they are clear. All over the world, people are shifting toward the herbal products for the treatment of skin diseases compared to medicines and synthetic drugs.

The essential oil is pure and does not have any side effects. The demand for essential oil is increasing because of their usage in daily life and it is mostly used for the relaxation purpose and people prefer it because of its no side effects. Essential oils play a key role in treating the dermatological issues including the rashes, acne, hives, eczema, and psoriasis which made the essential oil suitable for the skin treatment care products that enhance the growth of skin industry.

The market of essential oils is growing because it has no side effects, and other synthetic chemicals have side effects, so they are less preferred. Essential oils market of home care products and cleaning products will be increased to million USD by The growth in essential oil market along with the companies that are introducing the products with supplementary benefits such as better cleaning, easy fragrance, and germ fighting.

The essential oils market of France will be increased up to 8. Major cosmetics industries used essential oils in cosmetics and imported these oil products worldwide. Companies used the marketing strategies to spread the awareness to the people regarding the usage and benefits of essential oils, and the aromatherapy markets gets more enhanced customers to buy these products.

The essential oil market of India will be exceeding up to million USD by

Absolutes are a vital part of the fragrance industry. Similar to Essential Oils, they have been extracted using the most basic extraction methods, and provide a base flavor or fragrance that can be used for a wide range of applications. They can be stronger than Essential Oils, will provide a greater amount of fragrance, and as such are a great option for many different types of product solutions.

Essential oils for use as fragrances in cosmetics offer opportunities to manufacturers of such oils in developing countries. Safe products are a must; this requirement includes a verifiable supply chain from producer to exporter. Marketing stories are built around the origin of the essential oil, which can be enhanced with certifications. Innovation opportunities include physical modifications to make oils safer. When oils are scarce, producers can either create sustainable value chains or provide alternatives. Essential oils can be produced from various plant sources, as well as from different plant parts including resins plant exudates , leaves, flowers, fruits, bark and wood.

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Biological Importance of Essential Oils

Europe is the key market for natural fragrances, globally, followed by North America and Europe. Based on the ingredient, the natural fragrance market has been segmented into essential oils and natural extracts. The essential oils natural fragrance ingredient is estimated to lead the natural fragrance market in terms of value. Thereby, it increases the need for essentials oils and natural extracts. Our client is an advanced European fragrance and cosmetics manufacturer who was interested to know its market position across various geographies.

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Exporting essential oils for fragrances to Europe

Many products we use every day contain fragrances. Some of these products are regulated as cosmetics by FDA. Some belong to other product categories and are regulated differently, depending on how the product is intended to be used.

Leading producer of essential oils and extracts for perfumes, cosmetics and flavors, BIOLANDES offers today a range of products extracted from 90 plants collected in 30 countries. Essential oils. Natural extracts.

The essential oils present a complex composition of different chemical compounds, where they present synergic or complementary action among each other, modifying their activity. Among its main components we can find the terpenoids and phenylpropanoids, which are responsible for giving the medicinal properties. Essential oils generally have a pleasant and intense odor, mostly in liquid form, found in different plant organs and are soluble in polar solvents. Essential oils are volatile, and are widely used in the perfume industry, cosmetics, food and beverage aroma, as well as use in aromatherapy to treat some diseases. The traditional knowledge of some plant species with phytotherapeutic properties is currently a source for research in the search for new biologically active compounds and as effective therapeutics that contemplate current health care. Essential Oils - Oils of Nature. The essential oils EOs have a wide variety in nature with which they turn out to be an important base in the agricultural activity. They can be used as alternative medicine [ 1 ], in food products [ 2 ], perfume fixatives [ 3 ], pharmaceuticals and cosmetics [ 4 ], among others. Many types of essential oil oils are obtained from different plant species which means an important production from a commercial point of view, in this way we can conclude that the production and consumption of essential oils are increasing all over the world [ 5 ].

How will Brexit Impact the Essential Oil Manufacturing Industry? of Chemicals (REACH), the Cosmetics Regulation, the Control of Substances Hazardous the manufacture of synthetic aromatic products or the manufacture of perfumes and.

Essential Oils in the Development of New Medicinal Products

Refine your search Locate the companies on a map. RBG is a perfume designer, develops tailored, Made In France perfume creations whose offering includes perfume Parfums manufacturer France Producer of perfumes. Contact this company. Import of foodstuffs and animal feed. Soya products, menthol crystals, spices, psyllium husks, onions, garlic, lentils, rice, mint, dried yeast, chicory, herbs, spices. AEON Handelsgesellschaft is Our core business is the development and production of perfume oils and natural compositions. Nina B Cosmetics is a brand of natural cosmetic products derived from organic farming. Our oils, creams and balms are created to heighten feminine beauty and refine it on a daily basis.

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Essential oils are the volatile compounds having the oily fragrance. Essential oils are obtained from the different plant parts, and they are extracted from the different techniques and the most preferable method of extraction is the hydrodistillation which is cheap and easy to use. Plant parts including the flowers, leaves, stem, bark and roots are used for the isolation of essential oils. Essential oils are used in almost every field of life and because of these characteristics, the market of essential oils is growing rapidly. Essential oils are used in the aromatherapy and act as antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, pain relievers, anxiety, depression. In the field of cosmetics and industries, the essential oils are used rapidly and mostly used in the perfume industries which are growing increasingly. Essential oils are used in the food preservations and many food items.

Natural Fragrance Market

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BIOLANDES: a world of naturals

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For over 70 years we have been producing essential oils, natural fragrances for the food and the pharmaceutical industry, fragrances for candles, perfumery and cosmetics, distributing our products all over the world. Since , the year in which the company established in Geneva, we have sustained our work of continuous research and production of the best fragrances for the body, the home, the kitchen and the pharmaceutical industry.

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