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Plant ware units, units and parts of tractor trailers and semi-trailers spare parts

Plant ware units, units and parts of tractor trailers and semi-trailers spare parts

Census of Manufactures, , Vol2: Industry Statistics. United States. Bureau of the Census. Strana

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Download this warehouse and distribution center terminology dictionary here: Download. Warehouse Management System. Cold Storage. Search for:. Warehouse Dictionary. Safety Lead Time thru Synchronization. Looking for warehouse management terminology? Look no more. Contact Schooley Mitchell, the waste expense reduction experts. S Safety Lead Time a means of adding some time to your lead time as part of your ordering calculations.

Safety Stock The inventory a company holds above normal needs as a buffer against delays in receipt of supply or changes in customer demand. Salable Goods A part of assembly authorized for sale to final customers through the marketing function. Sales Mix The proportion of individual product-type sales volumes that make up the total sales volume.

Sales Order document used to approve, track, and process outbound customer shipments. Scalability 1 How quickly and efficiently a company can ramp up to meet demand. Scanlon Plan A system of group incentives on a companywide or plant-wide basis that sets up one measure that reflects the results of all efforts.

The universal standard is the ratio of labor costs to sales value added by production. This is the model developed by the Supply-Chain Council SCC , and is built around six major processes: plan, source, make, deliver, return, and enable. The aim of the SCOR is to provide a standardized method of measuring supply chain performance, and to use a common set of metrics to benchmark against other organizations. In addition, scorecards should be reviewed regularly — at least on a monthly basis and weekly in key functions, such as manufacturing and distribution where activities are critical to the success of a company.

Scrap inventory that must be discarded or recycled as a result of a manufacturing process or damage that occurs during storage or material handling. Scrap rate the rate of expected scrap for specific components within the context of manufacturing an item.

A scrap rate would be attached to a specific component on the bill of materials for a specific item Seasonality fluctuations in demand that repeat with the same pattern over equivalent time periods. The most common representation of seasonality occurs with changing demand patterns measured weekly, monthly, or quarterly, that repeat annually.

The average demand is represented by the number one. If seasonality for a period results in demand greater than the average demand, it will be represented by a number greater than one. Secure Electronic Transaction SET In e-commerce, a system of guaranteeing the security of financial transactions conducted over the Internet.

Self Billing A transportation industry strategy which prescribes that a carrier will accept payment based on the tender document provided by the shipper. Semi-processed materials stockable items meaning they have their own unique item number that have gone through some processing, but will be later pulled from stock and undergo additional processing.

Sensitivity The rate at which a forecast responds to changes in demand Serial Number A unique number assigned for identification to a single piece that will never be repeated for similar pieces. Serial numbers are usually applied by the manufacturer but can be applied at other points by the distributor or wholesaler.

Serial numbers can be used to support traceability and warranty programs. Working hard every day but still cannot get ahead? Service Parts Revenue The sum of the value of sales made to external customers and the transfer price valuation of sales within the company of repair or replacement parts and supplies, net of all discounts, coupons, allowances, and rebates.

Setup costs the costs associated with initiating a production run. May include labor and machine time to get equipment ready, as well as scrap or tooling associated with the setup process. Setup time the time it takes to prepare equipment and materials for a production run. Shared services typically lower overall cost due to the consolidation, and may improve support as a result of focus.

Shelf Life The amount of time an item may be held in inventory before it becomes unusable. Shelf life is a consideration for food and drugs which deteriorate over time, and for high-tech products which become obsolete quickly. They are the waste of overproduction, waste of waiting, waste of transportation, waste of stocks, waste of motion, waste of making defects, and waste of the processing itself.

Shipper The party that tenders goods for transportation. Shipper-Carriers Shipper-carriers also called private carriers are companies with goods to be shipped that own or manage their own vehicle fleets. Shipping The function that performs the tasks for the outgoing shipment of parts, components, and products. It includes packaging, marking, weighing, and loading for shipment.

Shipping Lane A predetermined, mapped route on the ocean that commercial vessels tend to follow between ports. This helps ships avoid hazardous areas. In general transportation, the logical route between the point of shipment and the point of delivery used to analyze the volume of shipment between two points. Shipping Manifest A document that lists the pieces in a shipment. A manifest usually covers an entire load regardless of whether the load is to be delivered to a single destination or many destinations.

Manifests usually list the items, piece count, total weight, and the destination name and address for each destination in the load. Shipping order document used to approve, track, and process outbound shipments. Shop Floor Production Control Systems The systems that assign priority to each shop order, maintaining work-in-process quantity information, providing actual output data for capacity control purposes, and providing quantity by location by shop order for work-in-process inventory and accounting purposes.

Shop order Request that indicates the type and quantity of SKUs to be transported from a warehouse to a production area; each SKU-quantity pair in the order is termed a line cf. Short Shipment Piece of freight missing from shipment as stipulated by documents on hand. Shortage occurs when customer demand cannot be met from stock resulting in backorders or lost sales Shortage cost cost associated with each shortage which may be dependent or independent of the amount of shortage or its duration Short-term schedules detailed timetables for all resources used in an organization Shrinkage Reductions of actual quantities of items in stock, in process, or in transit.

The loss may be caused by scrap, theft, deterioration, evaporation, etc. Simultaneous picking Variation of zone picking and where the items for an order are picked simultaneously in each zone and then consolidated, making it possible to minimize the total picking time required for an order which is useful if there are multiple waves per shift.

Simulation uses a dynamic model to duplicate the continuous operation of a system over time Six-Sigma Quality A term generally used to indicate that a process is well controlled, I. The term is usually associated with Zebra Technologies which named one of its key operations initiatives Six-Sigma Quality. Used in a team environment to identify the skills required by the team and which team members possess those skills.

Slotting Warehouse slotting is defined as the placement of products within a warehouse facility. Its objective is to increase picking efficiency and reduce warehouse handling costs through optimizing product location and balancing the workload.

Small Group Improvement Activity An organizational technique for involving employees in continuous improvement activities. Sortation The process of merging, identifying, inducting, and separating material to be conveyed to specific destinations.

Spare parts items held in stock as replacements to keep machinery, equipment, etc. Split Delivery A method by which a larger quantity is ordered on a purchase order to secure a lower price, but delivery is divided into smaller quantities and is spread out over several dates to control inventory investment, save storage space, etc.

Usually supply for this demand is provided at a premium price. Staging Pulling material for an order from inventory before the material is required. This action is often taken to identify shortages, but it can lead to increased problems in availability and inventory accuracy. Stakeholders People with a vested interest in a company, including manager, employees, stockholders, customers, suppliers, and others. Standard business practices business practices that are typical for general industry or specific industries.

Standard Components Components parts of a product for which there is an abundance of suppliers. Not difficult to produce. An example would be a power cord for a computer. Standard Cost Accounting System A cost accounting system that uses cost units determined before production for estimating the cost of an order or product. For management control purposes, the standards are compared to actual costs, and variances are computed. A good practice is for companies to have SOWs in place with their trading partners — especially for all top suppliers.

It describes the purpose, history, deliverables, and measurable success indicators for a project. It captures the support required from the customer and identifies contingency plans for events that could throw the project off course. Because the project must be sold to management, staff, and review groups, the statement of work should be a persuasive document.

Results are used to adjust variables and maintain product quality. Stickering Placing customer-specific stickers on boxes of product. An example would be where Wal-Mart has a request for their own product codes to be applied to retail boxes prior to shipment. Stock all the goods and materials that are stored by an organization until they are needed Stock cycle sequence of repeated events for stock holdings; the time between consecutive replenishments Stocktaking periodic checks to find differences between recorded and actual stock levels Stock-Keeping Unit SKU A category of unit with a unique combination of form, fit, and function i.

To illustrate : If two items are indistinguishable to the customer, or if any distinguishing characteristics visible to the customer are not important to the customer so that the customer believes the two items to be the same, these two items are part of the same SKU. As a further illustration : consider a computer company that allows customers to configure a complete computer from a selection of standard components.

For example, they can choose from three keyboards, three monitors, and three CPUs. Customers may also individually buy keyboards, monitors, and CPUs. If the stock were held at the configuration component level, the company would have nine SKUs. If the company stocks at the component level, the company would have 36 SKUs.

If, as part of a promotional campaign, the company also specially packaged the products, the company would have a total of 72 SKUs. Stocking type a classification used by planning and execution systems to identify the primary stocking characteristic of the inventory.

Examples of stocking types would include classifications that distinguish manufactured inventory, purchased inventory, direct ship inventory, or order-as-needed inventory. Stocking unit of measure the unit of measure used to track inventory within a facility. Stocking unit of measure is usually, but not always, the smallest unit of measure handled. Stockout a situation where you have inadequate inventory levels to meet current demand. Storage cost the costs associated with the physical storage of inventory.

This would include the cost of the physical space dedicated to the inventory, as well as storage equipment racking, shelving used to store the inventory.

Linn Trailer Corp. It was not his first trailer-making venture as Linn Mfg. Linn had recently sold a controlling interest in the Linn Mfg Co.

Mayo, Ireland. Disclaimer: Fleet Transport Magazine management can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of contributed articles or statements appearing in this magazine and any views or opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Fleet Transport management, save where otherwise indicated. No responsibility for loss or distress occasioned to any person acting or refraining from acting as a result of the material in this publication can be accepted by the authors, contributors, Editors or publishers. The Editor reserves the right to make publishing decisions on any advertisements or editorial article submitted to the magazine and to refuse publication or to edit any editorial material as seems appropriate to him. Professional legal advice should always be sought in relation to any specific matter.

Glossary of Supply Chain Terms

Stymied by stickering? Exasperated by XML? And just what is Poka Yoke , anyway? Let Inbound Logistics' glossary of transportation, logistics, supply chain, and international trade terms help. ABC Analysis: A classification of items in an inventory according to importance defined in terms of criteria such as sales volume and purchase volume. ABC Classification: Classification of a group of items in decreasing order of annual dollar volume or other criteria.

Warehouse Dictionary

Why get a used roll off truck? Get a Super Mini Roll off truck replacement, Roll off trailer instead. We manufacture the best roll off hoists in the business. We have shipped units from Maine to California and Alaska to Florida. Of course we ship to Canada and Mexico as well. Canada, Mexico and other international markets are important to us for Roll off Trailers, Pups, two box roll off trailers and more. We are ready to support all companies in all countries with your trailer needs!

Mayo, Ireland.

Hull Bobcat. We invite you to browse the site to see some of our excellent products or contact us for a quote on a durable trailer that will meet any of your. So if you're in need of a cargo trailer to haul and store supplies, or a mower to manage your lawn, Haul Supply is the dealership for you. The cost of a bobcat rental will depend on the type of Bobcat rented mini excavator, track loaders, mini tractors, backhoes, scrapers , the time rented, rental company and the size of the Bobcat. Safety is one of our district's top priorities. View sales history, tax history, home value estimates, and overhead views. The hull has been fully rebuit with new timber and fully fibreglassed has only been put back in the water 3 years ago over 30 grand spent on the rebuild.

Glossary of Supply Chain Terms

Download this warehouse and distribution center terminology dictionary here: Download. Warehouse Management System. Cold Storage. Search for:.

Flatbed Semi Trailer for Container Transport. Qingdao Phillaya International Trading Co.

Type here your search. You can now navigate by Brands or by Categories at your will, with a powerful search engine that will take you to the minimum detail you might need. We are constantly improving the information we have on each item, with pictures and movies available, so take a tour at our new shopping cart and enjoy the World of information and lower prices you can't find anywhere else in the Internet. A referral for Micro Macro Mundo Inc. Miami Florida U. PH: FX: Micro Macro Mundo Inc. When it comes right down to it, Tamiya's main goal is to offer the world the most rewarding modeling experience possible. Grasping the various parts, assembling, and finally painting a finely crafted model is truly a special and rare experience in today's modern world. Tamiya feels that this hands-on experience is invaluable. So whether it's our careful attention to quality, or our commitment to ease-of-assembly, we are always striving to create truly fulfilling ways to spend one's time.

Feb 21, - This report has been prepared as part of the ILO's Sectoral Activities Programme and a shipper's premises will most likely be at the manufacturing plant or tractor units and flatbed semi-trailers, with or without twistlock connectors;. □ truck, a freight car in a train or a ship's hold in maritime transport.

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Refine your search. Nuti Roberto S. Find out about this company. Sale of used vehicles and estimates of damaged cars; new and used spare parts for various makes. Ningbo Tower Industry Co. We can make all kinds Swati Industries a group of companies is a global provider of Forged, Cast, Machined, Sheet metal, Fabrication products for automobile, agriculture and construction industry has excelled itself in We specialise in spare parts for cars, industrial and commercial vehicles and have for a long time specialised in spare parts and accessories for bodywork, mechanics, electronics and lubricants The company began operating in in Turin. It has a machine shop for producing dies and a department that concentrates on sheet pressing, plastic moulding, assembly and adjustments where it

Roll off Trailers, Scrap Hauler, Lugger, Gondola

Hq Parts Catalogue. You may have to dig deep into the site to find an exact model, but everything should be here about any particular vintage Gibson, Fender, Martin, National, Dobro, Gretsch, Epiphone guitar. This is because the MT tooling often extends a bit past the end of the spindle that is receiving the Morse Taper Tool. Featured Suppliers. AL-KO can provide hydraulic drum brake kits in various sizes and capacities. TW represents over of the leading heavy duty aftermarket and OEM suppliers. Since Browning parts will not interchange with guns of other manufacturers, our parts sales and repairs are limited to our products. Shop the broadest selection of Wilson gear and apparel, including our exclusive custom builders to make it your own. Please try again. Alpine manufactures and distributes warewashing and laundry products primarily for the food service, hospitality and.

Hull Bobcat

Mack Mp8. Revitalize your engine with four different levels of service, designed to get your rig back on the road at the price that's right for you.

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Find products you are looking for by clicking a category or use the alphabetical index. Seeds and agricultural products, fertilisers.

Poly Armor coating is scratch resistant and will not damage steel or plastic jerry cans. Upgrading your big rig with new semi truck bumpers is a great way to customize the appearance of your 18 wheeler.

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