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Manufactory fabrication plastic pipes

Manufactory fabrication plastic pipes

We make sure that all raw materials have undergone qualification before approval and are given appropriate quality control evaluation prior incoming acceptance. GPI products goes through batch sampling, inspecting even the tiniest detail in the product. We ensure our finished products undergo rigorous testing, final inspection and through long term performance testing. Gulf Plastic Industries W. The company constantly strives to maintain its reputation as a successful, responsive and dynamic organization committed to excellence in providing superb products in the thermoplastic pipe industry. Skip to content.

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Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

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PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride. Plastic covers a wide rage of synthetic or semi-synthetic polymerization products i. PVC is a thermoplastic material. Thermoplastic materials are those that can be melted again and again. These materials can be heated to a certain temperature and will harden again as they cool. After the First World War, there was a boom in new forms of plastics due to the improvements in the chemical technology sector, including "polystyrene PS " and "polyvinyl chloride PVC ", developed by the I.

Farben company of Germany. Nowadays, PVC is commonly used in the construction sector, for example in window frames and shutters, pipe cabling and coating, etc..

Vinyl is also used in gramophone records, and that is why we use the term vinyl records to refer to them. PVC can be used for tons of other applications from industrial ware and widely used in the healthcare sector, to car spare parts, toys factory, food packaging, raingear, etc. This is described below. PVC can be clear or colored, rigid or flexible, depending on the added compounds and final application that needs to be achieved; For example there exists different PVC grades such as coast or blow film, high impact, wire and cable grade, thermoforming, injection molding, rotational molding, etc.

The basic raw materials for PVC are derived from salt and oil. Chlorine is manufactured by the electrolysis of sodium chloride, salt. This is why the first PVC manufacturing plants were located close to natural sources of salt. The electrolysis of salt water produces chlorine. The chlorine is then combined with ethylene that has been obtained from oil. The resulting element is ethylene dichloride, which is converted at very high temperatures to vinyl chloride monomer.

These monomer molecules are polymerized forming polyvinyl chloride resin. On the other hand flexible PVC is achieved by adding plasticizers such as phthalates. Furthermore, pure poly-chloroethene is unstable when exposed to visible light or UV. In order to modify this disadvantage and make it suitable for different applications antioxidants are added. Some other additives comprise:. This is due to its chlorine compound. This makes it an ideal construction and cable material.

This makes it ideal to be use in cables. Manufacture of PVC The manufacturing plastics often creates large quantities of toxic chemical pollutants such as dioxin, hydrochloric acid, and vinyl chloride. This poses a severe health risks to humans during the PVC life cycle. These toxins can produce sever illness like cancer, diabetes, neurological damage, reproductive and birth defects.

Dioxin is a persistent Organic Pollutants POPs , this are chemical substances that persist in the environment, bio-accumulate through the food chain, and pose a risk of causing adverse effects to human health and the environment. In addition, the chloro-ethene monomer is also a carcinogen released during PVC manufacture. This un-reacted monomer can also be present in the final PVC and released during its life cycle.

Plasticizers added to make PVC flexible, may leach out ex. Disposal Plastic was almost too good, as it was durable and degraded very slowly. On the other hand this same properties is what makes plastic a dangerous material. Furthermore, the separation of the different additives and compounds forming the plastic makes recycle a difficult option.

The biggest problem with plastics recycling is that it is difficult to automate the sorting of plastic waste, and so it is labor-intensive ex. Thus because the value of the material is low, recycling plastics is unprofitable. Products such as automobiles are now being designed to make recycling of their large plastic parts easier. The international standard for defining environmental claims on products or packaging can be found in ISO Environmental Labels and Declarations-Self-declared Environmental Claims.

For example, a recyclable plastic container using this scheme is marked with a triangle with three arrows inside of it see picture on the left , which enclose a number giving the plastic type as follows:. HDPE i. PVC i. LDPE i. Others - Incineration The incineration of PVC causes the release of dioxins and other toxic chemicals. This is due to the not biodegradability of PVC which stays in place indefinitely; besides, attention should be taken to the fact that PVC may leach out toxic chemicals and contaminate the soil and water.

There are some "biodegradable" plastics that break down with exposure to sunlight but it still doesn't lead to complete breakdown of the plastic. In addition, some researchers have genetically engineered bacteria that synthesize a completely biodegradable plastic. Cheap, resistant, good weatherabiligy, ect. PVC is strong, lightweight, durable and versatile. These characteristics make it ideal for window profiles. PVC's inherent flame retardant and excellent electrical insulation properties make it ideal for cabling applications.

It can be used for flooring, windows and door frames and shutters, water and waste pipes, electrical applications such as cable and wire insulation materials, architectural glazing systems, wallpaper, etc. Medical devices. PVC has been widely used for surgery, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery and medical packaging.

Some products include blood bags, medical containers, fluid bags, tubing, heart and lung bypass sets, masks, gloves, bottles and jars, drainage systems, ducting, etc.

The reasons to use it in the medical sector is its safety and chemical stability and bio-compatibility, chemical resistant and low cost. In addition, it is usable inside the body and easy to be sterilized. Automotive Typical examples of PVC automotive components include: moldings, interior door panels and pockets, seat coverings, sun visors, seals, floor covering, wiring, exterior side molding and protective strips, anti-stone damage protection, etc.

Brakes Other applications. PVC can be used for manufacturing toys, packaging, electric and electronic equipment, household goods, coating, plastic parts in motor vehicles, office supplies, insulation and adhesive tapes, furniture, etc.

For consumers in shoe soles, children's toys, handbags, luggage, seat coverings, etc. Industrial sectors for conveyor belts, printing rollers. Electric and electronic equipment such as circuit boards, cables, electrical boxes, computer housing. More information about the elements of the periodic table. Other materials: Stainless Steel Monel. Teflon Polypropylene. Toggle navigation. About Lenntech. General Delivery Conditions.

Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. How is it produced The basic raw materials for PVC are derived from salt and oil. Some other additives comprise: Additives. Slow down the rate at which the polymer will be degraded by oxygen, heat, visible light or UV radiation.

We offer you a staff with over 75 years of industry experience. About Us. Zibo Hitech Material Co.

Polyvinyl Chloride PVC is one of the most widely used polymers in the world. PVC is a very durable and long lasting material which can be used in a variety of applications, either rigid or flexible, white or black and a wide range of colours in between. The essential raw materials for PVC are derived from salt and oil. The electrolysis of salt water produces chlorine, which is combined with ethylene obtained from oil to form vinyl chloride monomer VCM.


Plastic pipe systems are used in a wide variety of applications in building and construction in Europe. At end of life they are recyclable. Plastics have an incredible versatility for designing plastic pipes. Learn all about the various plastic materials and production processes of pipes and fittings. Discover the organisation, the management and its members.

British Plastics Federation

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As you search for plastics and rubber equipment, you need a selection wide enough to meet your specific needs. Materials are usually made in large quantities in continuous production plants that transform multiple feed stock materials into a compounded material for use in other facilities to produce end products.

PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride. Plastic covers a wide rage of synthetic or semi-synthetic polymerization products i. PVC is a thermoplastic material. Thermoplastic materials are those that can be melted again and again. These materials can be heated to a certain temperature and will harden again as they cool. After the First World War, there was a boom in new forms of plastics due to the improvements in the chemical technology sector, including "polystyrene PS " and "polyvinyl chloride PVC ", developed by the I. Farben company of Germany. Nowadays, PVC is commonly used in the construction sector, for example in window frames and shutters, pipe cabling and coating, etc..

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Ishiguro Corporation was founded in as a valve manufacturing company, in started wholesale business and contributed to postwar reconstruction by distributing Plant and Building Materials. Nowadays Ishiguro Corporation has focused on wholesale business and been a leading company with over over-history in the market. To flexibly meet the needs of markets in countries, we make every efforts to be able to provide competitive pricing to customers, by driving synergies out of our method as a wholesale distributor while injecting management resources.

You can start PVC pipe manufacturing business as small and medium scale basis. PVC pipe nowadays a widely used material in electrical, irrigation and construction industry. It effectively replaces wood, paper, and metal in several applications. Use of PVC pipes as electrical conduits is well accepted in the household and industrial activities. Different diameters PVC pipes have gained wider acceptance for water supply. They are ideal for a number of reasons. Such as light-weight, low cost, easy installation, non-corrosiveness, high tensile strength to withstand high fluid pressure etc. They also offer resistance to most of the chemicals and have excellent electrical and heat insulation properties. The Indian PVC pipes market is growing at a healthy rate due to tremendous government spending on infrastructure.

Manufacturer of PVC Garden Pipe Plant - PVC Suction Pipe Making Extrusion Machine, PVC Soft Transparent Garden Tubing Making Plant, PVC Garden Pipe.

PVC – Polyvinyl chloride – Manufacturing process of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) :

Typically, the plastic bottles used to hold potable water and other drinks are made from polyethylene terephthalate PET , because the material is both strong and light. Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET, as it is commonly referred to is a thermoplastic polymer that can be either opaque or transparent, depending on the exact material composition. As with most plastics, PET is produced from petroleum hydrocarbons, through a reaction between ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. To produce plastic bottles, the PET is first polymerized to create long molecular chains. Polymerization itself can be a complicated process, and accounts for many of the inconsistencies between one batch of manufactured PET and another.

PVC Pipes Manufacturing Process

China manufacturing industries are full of strong and consistent exporters. We are here to bring together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery that are used by processing industries including but not limited to: plastic machine, plastic pipe machine, pipe production line. Here we are going to show you some of the process equipments for sale that featured by our reliable suppliers and manufacturers, such as Pvc Pipe Making Machine. Hot Products. Sign In. Join Free. Inquiry Basket. Get Apps. Search by image.

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Project Business Plan Guide

Plastic tubes are hollow channels that vary in length, diameter, wall thickness, and strength. Manufacturers and customers choose to work with plastic tubing products, rather than metal or rubber tubing, because it can be flexible and because it offers a much greater variety in material choice. Read More….

pvc pipe manufacturers & suppliers

Arguably one of the most universal and versatile types of plastic piping, PVC pipes have been in use for over 80 years, servicing a multitude of applications in various market sectors around the world. Compared to metal piping, PVC pipes are exceptionally strong and durable, with complete corrosion resistance and with little risk of succumbing to thermal expansion or contraction. Economical and robust, these pipes come in various sizes with a range of available fittings and can be used for both warm or cold water applications depending on the type of PVC variant.

ALPS Industries PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine

PVC pipes are made out of a material known as polyvinyl chloride, a durable, strong plasticlike substance. Pipes are constructed from this material and used in various applications from plumbing to construction.

Do you want to start a pvc pipe manufacturing company from scratch? Or you need a sample pvc pipe production business plan template?

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