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Main page > SAMPLE > Produce industrial large electric machines, electric machine aggregates, turbo and hydro generators,

Produce industrial large electric machines, electric machine aggregates, turbo and hydro generators,

Produce industrial large electric machines, electric machine aggregates, turbo and hydro generators,

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US8405236B2 - Brushless DC turbo-hydro electric generator - Google Patents

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US Rotor system, particularly a boat propeller system. US Channel for feeding water to a vertical-axis kaplan water turbine. CNA Kinetic-energy compensation method. US Method and system for current generation. DEA1 Floating structure for wave protection and wave-energy conversion. EPA1 Ocean wave energy conversion using piezoelectric material members. CNA Ship-sinked type of electricity-generating ship. US Hydroelectric power installation and turbine generator apparatus therefor.

CAA1 Pneumatic hydro-electric power conversion system. EPA1 A fluid powered motor-generator apparatus. US Float type wave energy extraction apparatus and method.

WOA1 Floating tidal power plant to be placed in seas and rivers for gaining energy. DEA1 Water-power plant by means of cross-flow turbine, integrated rotary rake and retaining device. DEA1 Floating energy station.

US Fluid powered motor-generator apparatus. CNU Liquid coupler using water as medium. US Ocean wave energy extracting erosion reversal and power generation system. US Portable hydroelectric generator unit. US Apparatus for the generation of hydroelectric power and method of manufacturing and installing same. DEA1 Large diameter turbogenerator for generating electrical energy at high power.

DEA1 Hydroelectric power plant with floating weir, cross-flow turbine and integrated rotary screen. DEA1 Obtaining electrical energy from ocean surface waves. EPA1 Float type wave energy extraction apparatus and method. US Wave-activated power generating apparatus having a backwardly open duct.

US Pipeline built-in electric power generating set. CNA Float type wave energy extraction apparatus and method. CAA1 Method and apparatus for absorbing wave energy and generating electric power by wave force. US Portable self-contained power conversion unit. US Method and apparatus for extracting surf and wave energy. WOA1 Stepwise pumping-up hydroelectric apparatus.

DEA1 Bladed wheel having automatically pivoting blades of different shapes. CNU Air-compressor driven by seawave. WOA1 Ocean wave energy conversion using piezoelectric material members. DEA1 Flow generator for utilising ocean currents. DEA1 Wave-driven power-harnessing plant having a flood-controlled water accumulator set up for operating a buoyancy power-harnessing plant.

US Fluid powered electrical generator. US Wave-activated power generating apparatus. WOA1 A fluid powered motor-generator apparatus. US Process and apparatus for converting rocking motion into electrical energy.

US Emergency potable water storage system. US Assembly for harnessing wave and tide energy. DEA1 Small power station for the simultaneous use of four 4 natural forces in flat seawater acting in consort. DEA1 Device for converting the kinetic energy of waves into a useful form of energy. US For hydroelectric generation of power from flow of water. CNA River floating generator.

DEA1 Wave-driven power station for use with sea waves. US Down-hole devices for imparting rotary motion. DEA1 Apparatus for generating electrical current power. CNU Power generator using wave energy. DEA1 Hydroelectric power-generating systems. EPA1 A system for subterranean storage of energy. EPA1 Method to increase the electrical production of a tidal power plant. CNA Hydraulic closed circulated sea water thermoelectric method floating closed circulated sea water thermoelectric method.

DEA1 Ecological electrical power source. CNA Float electric generator. US Method and apparatus for reducing drill bit wear. US For generating AC electrical energy from solar energy. DEA1 Wave power plant or rocking ship for generating electricity. EPA2 A device for transport of cable. CNU Impeller with direction-fixed rotation by any direction liquid flow. CNA Siphon hydraulic generator installation.

US Supporting structure for underwater structure. WOA1 Device for exploiting the wave energy of surface water and a wave power station which contains at least one such device. CNU High-pressure manipulator for hydraulic machinery. US System for generating power from waves.

US Ocean wave energy conversion using piezoelectric material members. US For use in energy production from ocean waves. WOA1 Wave energy devices. CAA1 Downhole motor fluid flow restrictor. DEA1 Hydrodynamic drive by means of a two-stroke diesel engine with opposed free pistons and a hydraulic pump.

US Hydraulic multistage turbine of turbodrill. US Apparatus for extracting energy from the waves in a body of liquid. EPA1 Hydraulic microturbolalternator. EPA1 Portable hydro-electric generator unit. EPA1 Apparatus for deriving energy from variation of the level of a body of fluid. EPA1 Bypass inlet and discharge control for the turbines of drum sprinkling devices. EPA1 Method and means for imparting energy to fluid. CNA Pnumatic generator by natural forces.

WOA1 Apparatus for converting the energy in ocean waves into useful energy.

Motion Electric Motor Services is a trusted electrical apparatus service provider specializing in the repair, winding and overhaul of electric motors and generators. We are equipped for and specialize in repairs and rewinding of electric motors, generators and turbos , up to

Hydroelectric power plant for the production of electrical energy, with - an overflow, A turbine powered by the overhead water pipeline to convert mechanical energy, A generator connected to the turbine for generating electrical energy, An underwater pipe connected to the turbine, - A power transformer which is connected to the electric generator and to a high voltage network via electrical lines and adapted to lift the electrical power generated by the electric generator from a low voltage level to a high voltage level. The invention is characterized in that at least one electrical line between the electric generator and the power transformer is designed as a high-temperature superconducting line. The present invention relates to a hydroelectric power plant for generating electrical energy. It is in systems for generating and distributing electrical energy such as hydroelectric power plants based on medium voltage, necessary to convert the electrical energy for further transport to high voltage or at least a higher medium voltage.

Technical Committee Sessions: EDPG, EMC, PEEC

When sea wave is down, sea water stop. When sea wave is up, sea water rise to pool on mountain. Electric generation system is as same as ordinary Waterpower station. In order to generate electrical power consistently upon both the upstroke and downstroke of the float, the moving part of the generator is so sized that its gravitational weight acting upon the float, together with that of the float itself and any intermediate linkage means, is substantially equal to half the total buoyancy of the float.

US9236725B2 - Hydroelectric turbine cabling system - Google Patents

The invention relates to a marine current power installation, in particular, a marine current power installation which uses energy from the tidal ebb and flow of marine currents which constantly occur in the oceans, rivers, and lakes. About As the population of our planet approaches seven billion, there is an increasing demand for greater amounts of electrical power and a need to minimize pollution of the environment caused by generating said electrical power. None of the above inventions and patents, taken either singly or in combination, is seen to describe the present invention as claimed. It is an object of the present invention to implement an apparatus for a Brushless DC turbo-hydro electric generator that overcomes some of the disadvantages of the prior art.

This invention relates to a hydroelectric turbine system consisting of an array of turbines in series and a cabling system for use in connecting together turbines in the array, and in particular a cabling system which embodies a number of advantages when installing or retrieving a hydroelectric turbine from the seabed, and which results in reduced stress on the cabling system when the turbines are deployed on the seabed at sites of high tidal flow. Renewable energy has in recent years received significant attention, primarily due to the environmental damage which has been inflicted on the planet as a result of our need for energy and resultant use of fossil fuels.

Recent Developments of Electrical Drives is composed of the papers which cover a wide spectrum of theory and practice, thus they are deeply rooted in engineering problems, being simultaneously of high theoretical level. This way the contents touches the heart of the matter in electrical drives theory, control systems and applications. The book, stating the recent developments of electrical drives, can be useful for engineers and researchers investigating and designing electrical and electronic devices as well as for students and young researchers dealing with electrical and electronic engineering, computer sciences advanced computer modelling, sophisticated control systems with artificial intelligence tools applied, optimal design bye use of classical and genetic algorithms employed , applied mathematics and all the topics where electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical phenomena occur. Recent Developments of Electrical Drives covers a wide range of interests of industry engineers, and scientists involved in modelling, control, measurements, new motor structures design, and could be also useful for engineers working in the field of electrical drives implementation. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Editors view affiliations S.

Table of contents

WOA1 Wave energy power plant. EPB1 Caisson for absorbing wave energy. US Liquid driven generator for low power electrical components.

In the technical archive of the company are more than operating specifications sets of design documentation for more than types of electrical engineering products of the highest technical level. On the basis of design documentation of the SKB electric motors are still manufactured at the majority of electrical engineering companies in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR including nuclear power plants. The "calling card" of the special electric motors developed by the SKB Ukrelectromash is their "low noise" extremely low level of mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise of electric motor elements and "low-magnetic" extremely low level of the electromagnetic field around the electric motor , which provides special properties of special equipment, which fully meet the most modern requirements, both civil and military.

Transparency is the cornerstone of the change in the SOE sector in Ukraine. It is the prerequisite for holding the government accountable for the reform results, evaluating performance of SOE management, minimizing corruption risks and political interference in the SOE sector. The government has introduced more stringent requirements for independent audits for large SOEs and we expect that TOP SOEs will publish their financial statements audited by internationally reputable auditors. Corporate governance standards in the SOE sector remain weak which poses serious corruption risks due to lack of proper supervision. The government has drafted a bill to allow supervisory boards with independent directors to run unitary SOEs. This legislation will help improve oversight at SOEs and protect them from political interference. The mechanism for transparent selection of CEOs for the state-run companies is in place; however, new appointments have been few. Vested interests work hard to keep the old management and resist any change.

This latest type of large generator driven by waterpower is of the internal field vertical and in the other case turbo-units with an aggregate capacity of , As these were not the only ones produced in the field, it will at once be of the addition to the aggregate capacity of American dynamo-electrical machinery.

Research and development

We cover the complete range of industrial motors — synchronous as well as asynchronous: from standard electric motors through servomotors for motion control applications up to high voltage and DC motors. This is all based on more than years of experience. In the meantime, Siemens electric motors are an integral component of Digital Enterprises. Extremely reliable and flexible electric motors in the power range up to MW and above. Siemens induction motors for motion control are highly dynamic and precise. Industrial DC motors are cost effective with utmost reliability. They operate reliably even under high levels of dust and vibration, as is often the case in aggressive environments found in process industries. Further, they fulfill the highest efficiency classes. The cooling concept of the air-cooled version is nothing but revolutionary.

SIMOTICS electric motors for industry

US Rotor system, particularly a boat propeller system. US Channel for feeding water to a vertical-axis kaplan water turbine. CNA Kinetic-energy compensation method. US Method and system for current generation. DEA1 Floating structure for wave protection and wave-energy conversion. EPA1 Ocean wave energy conversion using piezoelectric material members. CNA Ship-sinked type of electricity-generating ship. US Hydroelectric power installation and turbine generator apparatus therefor. CAA1 Pneumatic hydro-electric power conversion system.

DE102013001717A1 - Hydroelectric power station - Google Patents

Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4.

Recent Developments of Electrical Drives

Selected reports on selected industries. United States. Bureau of the Census.

Previous issue Next issue. View all abstracts. The international Scientific Electric Power Conference held annually at the Institute of Energy and Transport System, Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, has created a platform for summarizing research in the technical fields of knowledge in higher educational institutions, research institutes, large industrial enterprises, research and production associations and individual scientists.

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