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Produce manufacturing molded rubber products

Produce manufacturing molded rubber products

At Girard Rubber our reputation as an industry leader in custom rubber products is built on a history of quality and innovation that spans well over half a century. Our commitment to customer service has led to the steady expansion of our manufacturing capabilities, providing clients with a single source solution. Our U. This combination of internal and external resources allows us to develop the optimal solution regardless of production volume, schedule, or design complexity. However, our service offerings go well beyond manufacturing of rubber parts and components. As a full-service manufacturer, we also offer design support, complete assembly, JIT shipping, and the application of lubricious coatings such as PTFE.

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A Quarter Century of Precision Component Manufacturing Expertise

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Since , Precision Associates Inc. We established our reputation by designing top-quality O-rings for everyday use. In , cofounder Arnold Kadue noticed how ubiquitous O-rings were becoming in contemporary applications. However, these O-rings were also constructed from prohibitively expensive materials, and he directed PAI to find ways to lower their cost of production. By , PAI had perfected fifteen different varieties of the AN O-ring for public use, and this material continues to appear in many industrial applications today.

PAI has grown exponentially since then. Since perfecting numerous inventions and patents in the mids like the Multiseal , a low-friction dynamic seal for use in O-ring grooves , PAI has undergone tremendous development in both business and process efficiency from its inception. PAI offers top-of-the-line engineering services that span the production process from initial part design through final delivery. We manufacture products to order based on your specifications, and we rely on our wealth of expert knowledge and industry-grade tools to help us get the job done.

Our on-site tool shop allows for economic options when it comes to prototyping, 3D models, and sample parts. PAI builds O-rings from over 1, rubber compounds that we develop in-house. Many applications today present challenging part specification requirements, but our team is expertly prepared to work with you to find the perfect O-ring design.

Many industries benefit from the use of custom-molded rubber parts every day. For example, the oil and gas industry require rubber parts that can withstand extreme temperatures, powerful vibrations, and chemical exposure. Oil and gas pumps rely on O-ring and sealing solutions to deliver exceptional performance in extreme conditions sealing harsh chemicals at high temperatures.

Additionally, everyday electronic items like laptops and cell phones require rubber sealing to protect components from dust and water contamination. PAI offers not only standard and custom O-rings but a host of other custom-molded rubber parts. If you would like to learn how rubber O-rings or other custom-molded rubber parts can benefit your organization, contact us and request a quote today.

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Our in-house rubber molding process uses a state-of-the-art injection press capable of Other size requirements and volumes are offered as distributed items.

For years, Minor Rubber has been a leading manufacturer of molded, extruded, and fabricated rubber parts. We have earned a reputation for providing high quality custom rubber molding and extrusion, meeting the most demanding specifications of custom applications. Whether you require a custom part for a new product or application, or require a production run of a custom part for replacement parts or stocking distributors, we have the capabilities and expertise to manufacture your part. We will manufacture your part right the first time and deliver it on time and on budget.

Choose PAI for Your Custom-Molded Rubber Parts

When you rely on us for your rubber products manufacturing in Boonton, NJ, you will see why we have a reputation across the industry of producing first-class thermoplastic items consistently. We specialize in custom rubber molding, injection molding, and plastics manufacturing to meet your specifications. You can rely on us to help you reduce the cost of molded and die-cut components by importing them from our Chinese network. Our presence there helps maintain production quality on your behalf.

Top-Quality Rubber and

As a direct manufacturer of molded rubber parts, we deliver tailor-made molded parts according to customer requirements and specifications. In our wide range of machinery we manufacture a variety of molded rubber parts. In addition to classic injection molding, we also encapsulate thermoplastic inserts and assemble our moldings with self-adhesive adhesive tapes. Further services around our rubber molded parts: Consulting and development, rapid prototyping, high-quality surfaces, tool maintenance, assembly to assemblies. Rubber molded parts that reliably seal, damp and insulate. Depending on the application and the desired properties, we design individual molded rubber parts and the required injection molding tools.

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Since , Precision Associates Inc.

Rapid Production Ramp Up: The ability to support quick turn-around production needs and ship finished production parts often within an week timeframe. Advanced Tooling: Best-in-class, advanced machining including a broad range of turning, boring, milling, and ultrasonic machining processes to create custom molds and precision tools. Sophisticated Manufacturing: Precise extrusion and injection molded rubber and plastic molded parts. We design and fabricate a broad range of mission critical custom component parts and assemblies for a wide array of OEM manufacturers and distributors around the world. Vested partnerships mean we invest in and hold significant equity in the overseas plants that produce our parts and assembled solutions. Other Component Providers In the world of high volume, precisely engineered rubber, plastic, and metal parts, PPC stands out. Here are six key differentiators that distinguish Premiere Precision Components from other contract manufacturers. ISO certified manufacturer, employing Six Sigma production methodologies. Competitive Pricing The advantages of low cost offshore manufacturing A meticulous focus on overhead cost control provide products at highly competitive net delivered pricing.

40 years of specialised experience manufacturing technical products crafted in rubber and silicone

Vanguard has vast experience in designing and manufacturing for virtually any requirement including:. If you are not sure which material is best for you application, please contact one of our application specialists today to assist you. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

Mikell P. The fourth edition introduces more modern topics, including new materials, processes and systems. End of chapter problems are also thoroughly revised to make the material more relevant.

It may surprise some people to learn that both plastic and rubber originated from naturally-occurring materials. In fact, gutta-percha, shellac, and the horns of animals were all used as plastic material before the first synthetic plastics were produced. Gutta-percha is derived from the sap of certain trees, and shellac is made from the secretions of the tiny lac insect. Animal horns were also used to make plastics after the horn was boiled and soaked in an alkaline solution. Latex is a milky fluid which is also found in 10 percent of all flowering plants such as the common dandelion and milkweed. The process of cultivating and harvesting naturally-occurring raw materials for plastic and rubber production is not dissimilar to the process of harvesting fruit and vegetables in agricultural and farming industries. Companies engaged in these early stages of harvesting natural ingredients for rubber and plastics commonly use ERP software designed for the farming and agricultural industry. These systems include specialized capabilities to manage their land and crops; irrigation, fertilization, and care for their trees; planting of new trees; and cultivation of the harvest.

We offer comprehensive services that range from mold design to production based on your specifications. The rubber or products you request will function.

The Injection Molding Process

Qualiform Rubber Molding is a full-service rubber molding company. As the number one rubber products manufacturer, we offer custom rubber molding services, rubber compression molding , rubber injection molding , rubber transfer molding , and rubber to metal bonding. Qualiform is the top U. We are experts in problem-solving and all aspects of rubber molding and rubber to metal bonding. Our experienced technical staff is available to consult on your part design and property requirements. With more than 40 years experience, customers depend on our rubber parts manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the transportation, medical, electrical, plumbing, industrial, appliance and aerospace industries. Our knowledgeable technical staff will assist you with product development and design. We work with you every step of the process to ensure the quality and materials meet your specifications.

Custom Rubber Molding and Extrusion

At Alpine Elastomer Products, we specialize in custom-made rubber and plastic molding and die cutting here in the U. To provide our customers with a diverse selection of products, our injection molding company also imports rubber and plastic products from other countries. With our decades of experience in mold making, manufacturing, elastomer products, and material selection, we can help your company stay competitive in the ever-expanding global market. We offer comprehensive services that range from mold design to production based on your specifications. The rubber or products you request will function properly and last a long time when we manufacture them.

Dependable Rubber Products Manufacturing in Boonton, NJ

The Rubber Group is the industry leader in custom molded rubber products. We also mold standard rubber products and supply rubber extrusions.

Molded Rubber

It also undertakes the production of die cut components, assembly operations and rubber to metal bonding. The parts produced cover a range including suction cups, seals, boots, o-rings, bellows, bumpers, grips, grommets, handles, gaskets, cleats, bushings, rollers valves, diaphragms and washers. The molding capabilities of Elk Grove Rubber allow it to manufacture sample and prototype parts and produce in both low and high volumes depending upon the requirements of its customers. The equipment used by the Organization to produce the molded component includes double and single deck molding presses rubber cutters and automatic trimming machines.

A technological lab, CAD design and the manufacture of technical products in rubber and silicone. The manufacture of technical products in rubber and rubber-metal: anti-vibration items, seals, rollers, wheels, bellows, dust seals and fairleads moulded with all types of elastomer.

Mainly associated with the use of thermoplastics, injection molding has become one of the most cost-effective ways to create custom molded rubber products and, as such, has become a commonly used manufacturing process. It is particularly ideal for creating smaller parts.

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