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Product commercial gearboxes, gear motors, variators and variators

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Gear Boxes, Motors & Variators

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Pujol Transmissions have been manufacturing their high quality gearboxes for over a quarter of a century. They have developed an excellent range of Pujol products which suit a wide variety of applications. Here we take a look at just four of their gearbox designs and their specifications. They are available with a bare shaft input and have the option of being either free standing or fitted with additional Pujol Muntala gearboxes or other IEC motors.

The specifications of these Pujol geared units consist of a variety of input and output flange options as well as shaft varieties fitting IEC […]. Established in with a continuous improvement process and quality assurance program make these units a very good quality product.

There are many industrial gearbox manufacturers of renown from a variety of countries around the world, but thanks to industrial gearbox distributors like YB Components, these high quality gearbox products are accessible to every business wherever they are based.

Here we highlight just a handful of the industrial gearbox manufacturers whose parts, gears and motors are available to be shipped out upon request by YB Components.

Heynau Gearboxes Heynau Gearboxes Heynau Getreibe for German speakers utilise a simple construction method consisting of a minimum of components which helps make their products especially efficient and reliable.

Keeping their gear constructions simple also enables Heynau to manufacture gearboxes that boast a significant noise reduction compared to other designs. It is also worth […]. The manufacture of industrial machinery components is one of the most global and internationally diverse industries in the world. For example, there are several high quality gearbox manufacturers dotted around the globe in various countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The same can be said for many of the other important machine parts such as couplings and variable speed belts. No matter which […]. In a recent blog YB Components, specialists in the supply of specialist industrial parts like Zurrer gearboxes and Tschan posiflex couplings, wrote about how hydraulic components are vital for the operation of numerous drive systems, tools and cylinders.

As Valve Hydraulic informs, practically all hydraulic circuits are virtually the same, regardless of their application and rely on six basic components, which are necessary for setting up a hydraulic system. These components include a reservoir pump in order to hold the liquid, a pump which is used to pump the liquid through the system, an electric motor is also required in order to drive the pump, or if not an electric motor, another type of power source.

Valves are also needed […]. Industrial gearboxes are positioned at the junction of the power shaft and the motor and offer a degree of variation based on the arrangement and the construction of the gears. Based on these configurations, the operational characteristics of these important mechanical parts differ. The report is based on in-depth market analysis with opinion and input from […]. One of the most important things you can do to maintain the condition and functionality of machinery and its internal components is to make sure it is adequately lubricated.

Lubrication is important as it essentially reduces the fiction between moving parts. Without the proper lubrication of essential industrial parts such as Sirem gearboxes, Planox gearboxes, Desch couplings and Berges speed belts, parts are much more prone to become overheated and malfunction with catastrophic failure occurring.

Though as Machinery Lubrication advises, reducing friction and subsequently reducing heat are just two reasons it is essential to adequately lubricate industrial components. However, if the tool only gets used once every six month, it might be more cost-effective to rent the machine rather than buy one.

That way you are almost guaranteed to have a high-quality tool without having to make a hefty initial investment. Take a look at the following industrial power tools that you might be better off renting rather than buying.

Tile […]. From Bauer gearboxes to Heynau geared motors, Pujol gearboxes to Spaggiari geared motors, there of hundreds of industrial gearbox manufacturers across the globe. There are also hundreds of applications that require the use of industrial gearboxes and motors.

Whether you are a novice at working with gear motors or are an experienced gearbox operator, you may want to take a look at the following advice on what to look out for when working with gearboxes and motors. Determine the required torque As we wrote in an earlier blog, regardless of whether you are operating a Liming gearbox or a Parallel shift gearbox, understanding the torque in relation to industrial gearboxes and geared motors is important.

As Machine Design advises, the […]. You need to locate some variable speed pulleys and belts. You need some couplings, clutches and universal joints. Which makes do you go for? Lastly, you need a new industrial gearbox. There are hundreds of industrial gearboxes manufacturers in the world. Do you opt for Pujol, Zurrer, Heynau, Spaggiari, to name just a few? Our point? Searching for industrial parts can be a challenge in itself.

Fortunately, help is at hand with the following advice for searching for industrial components. Why are the parts needed? It might sound obvious but the first thing you need to decide is why and where the […]. YBC Menu. The specifications of these Pujol geared units consist of a variety of input and output flange options as well as shaft varieties fitting IEC […] more

Gear Units. Geared Motors. Product Configurator.

We offer you a wide range of different gearboxes and gearmotors with V as well as with 24 V available directly from stock. On account of different gear types we can offer you flexibility and find for every drive case the suitable solution. Because of our internal assembly departement we are able to satisfy your individual customer wishes and to create your gearmotor according to your demands — with pleasure also in connection with the suitable frequency inverter. Then use our inquiry form and send it, according to your needs, filled out to info gemoteg. Our sales team will get in contact with you and will provide you an individual offer.

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A continuously variable transmission CVT , also known as a shiftless transmission , stepless transmission, pulley transmission, or, in case of motorcycles , a 'twist-and-go', is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios. This contrasts with other mechanical transmissions that offer a fixed number of gear ratios. The flexibility of a CVT with suitable control may allow the input shaft to maintain a constant angular velocity even as the output speed varies. When power is more important than economy, the ratio of the CVT can be changed to allow the engine to turn at the RPM at which it produces greatest power. This is typically higher than the RPM that achieves peak efficiency. In low-mass low-torque applications such as motor scooters a belt-driven CVT also offers ease of use and mechanical simplicity.

Speed Reducers and Variators

In some applications, the drives need to be flexible. With our Variable Speed Drives this is not a problem: They always deliver the speed you require. If you need a variable speed gear unit for your application we will be glad to supply our helical gear, bevel gear, parallel shaft and worm gear units as variable speed drives. Flexibility Your application determines the speed and not the other way round.

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Pujol Transmissions have been manufacturing their high quality gearboxes for over a quarter of a century. They have developed an excellent range of Pujol products which suit a wide variety of applications.

UDL variable gearbox speed variator planetary gearbox. Product features:. High precision: 0. High intensity and long service life. Easy speed regulation. Continuous work, smooth operation, stable performance and low noise. Whole sealing and low requirement for environment. Compact organization and small size.

190-950 Rpm Output Speed Motor-Variators

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Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America, a world leader in power transmission, offers the flexibility of mechanical speed variation. The SM-Beier ts a premium-tealufed speed vanalor lhal is clearly superior 10 olher mechanical adjustable speed drives. Because it maintains a constant oil film as a tractive force, the Beier Variator experiences no wear or grooving, which increases lite with minimal maintenance.

Products Manufacturers Transtecno. ProduZon - industrial products' online catalogue. We do not sell industrial products, but help You to find approptiate ones and inquire necessary information from manufacturer in Your country directly. To search necessary product You can use search module in the upper right corner of the screen. Products Web site Gear motors Bevel helical gearboxes Planetary gearboxes Angle gearboxes Speed variators Asynchronous engines DC electric motors Cylindrical gearboxes Bevel gearboxes Worm gear motors Worm gearboxes Helical bevel gearboxes Helical gearboxes Cylindrical helical gearboxes Mechanical variators Asynchronous electric motors Asynchronous motors Induction engines Induction motors AC induction motors Three phase asynchronous motors Single phase asynchronous motors AC electric engines Three phase engines Single phase engines Industrial engines Three phase electric motors Single phase electric motors AC electric motors Industrial electric motors Electric motors DC electric engines Electric motors 12v Electric motors 24v Electric engines 12v DC electric motors 12v Electro magnetic motors Permanent magnetic motors Permanent magnetic engines Single stage gearboxes. Products Web site.

equal to the product of input torque, transmission ratio and efficiency. the variator output (the hydrostatic or electric motor) can drive the wheels directly; A planetary unit (epicyclic train) is a mechanism (generally with gears or [16] Brockbank, C. Multi regime full-toroidal IVT for high torque and Commercial Vehicle.

Variable speed drives: Leading efficiency meets optimum speed

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Gear Units

Scroll down the page to view the sub-categories of gearboxes, motors and mechanical variators that Marshward supply and have been sourced from the most innovative manufacturers of gearboxes for the power transmission market. Atek - German manufacturer of gearboxes used in power transmission equipment for industrial applications. All of the above companies are innovative in the way they develop components and supply high-quality products made with a world-class focus on precision. To view each of the products mentioned above, follow the links below where you can also read about the technical features of each gearbox, motor or mechanical variator supplied by the power transmission manufacturers. If you have any questions about any of the power transmission components on our website, we'll be happy to assist you. Contact About Blog. Toggle navigation. Product Menu. Chiaravalli - Italian manufacturer of mechanical transmission parts Varvel - Also a leading Italian manufacturer of variators in power transmission equipment. Sub Categories.

We are known for our timely responses and fast delivery of products. Our expert and professional team is prompt to offer these products with efficiency and reliability. AES was incepted in January by Mr.

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The VoreconNX series guarantees efficient control of compressors and pump with its latest advances. In order for you to utilize the VoreconNX Selection Guide, please fill in the contact data required below. Unfortunately, the data submitted falls outside normal specifications.

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