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Produce oilfield equipment, drilling exploration and spare parts

Produce oilfield equipment, drilling exploration and spare parts

Founded in with offices operations in the United States and West Africa, our mission is to provide products, engineering and the facility support you need to ensure production runs smoothly. Wherever you are. Whatever you need. Whenever you need it.

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Oil Field Tools

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Founded in with offices operations in the United States and West Africa, our mission is to provide products, engineering and the facility support you need to ensure production runs smoothly. Wherever you are. Whatever you need. Whenever you need it. Custom built compressors designed to specifications to fit rigorous applications within your project and provide the highest level of performance and reliability.

Franklin Howard International offers competitive prices on products and services with very favorable credit terms. A cost benefit analysis shows our clear advantage —— against our competitors you will quickly realize that doing business with our company is much more beneficial long term to your ultimate budget and financial goals.

We invite you to request a competitive bid on your next project to experience the difference. Our mission is to provide products, engineering and the facility support you need to ensure production runs smoothly. Founded in with offices in the Unites States and Nigeria, our mission is to provide high quality products and services at competitive costs to all of our clients. Franklin Howard International is is located in the energy capital of the world, Houston Texas. Our experienced team of professionals with the knowledge and expertise can assist sourcing all of the products and services needed to run your drilling operations.

We have established partnerships and distribution agreements with many of the most widely used and reliable products and equipment manufacturers worldwide which allows us to provide you with the best prices and delivery options.

Our strong relationships with manufacturers and indispensable service providers worldwide allow us to deliver products and services for any type of oilfield or gas exploration and production projects.

The products we supply are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards——and are backed by top warranties and after sales technical support. We pride ourselves in maintaining a close relationships with our clients and providing the best possible service. Our goal is to become the most trusted and reliable services partner to operating oilfield and gas companies worldwide. We invite you to request a competitive bid on your next project to experience the difference your users know a little more about you.

Spare parts and drilling equipment procurement from the brands you trust at the best prices, delivery and payment terms. All the fluids and additive products used in well completions and drilling operations to make operations easier and cost effective. From highly specialized engineering design to day-to-day management of mundane, but necessary operations, our key services solutions deliver value from day one.

Free up valuable resources and allow your company to focus on your core operations.

Most of the machines operate through a process of rotating, reciprocating the motion. Or else they operate through a combination of these mentioned motions.

Crude oils and natural gases are mixtures of hydrocarbon molecules organic compounds of carbon and hydrogen atoms containing from 1 to 60 carbon atoms. The properties of these hydrocarbons depend on the number and arrangement of the carbon and hydrogen atoms in their molecules. The basic hydrocarbon molecule is 1 carbon atom linked with 4 hydrogen atoms methane. All other variations of petroleum hydrocarbons evolve from this molecule. Hydrocarbons containing up to 4 carbon atoms are usually gases; those with 5 to 19 carbon atoms are usually liquids; and those with 20 or more are solids. In addition to hydrocarbons, crude oils and natural gases contain sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen compounds together with trace quantities of metals and other elements.

Rotating Equipment Parts

Investors can be quickly overwhelmed by the complex jargon and unique metrics used throughout the oil and gas industry. This introduction is designed to help anyone understand the fundamentals of companies involved in oil and gas by explaining key concepts and standards of measurement. Crude oil and natural gas are naturally occurring substances that are found in rock in the Earth's crust. These organic raw materials are created by the compression of the remains of plants and animals in sedimentary rock such as sandstone, limestone, and shale. The sedimentary rock itself is a product of deposits in ancient oceans and other bodies of water.

Oil And Gas Supplies

Using the power of our exclusive radio-frequency identification RFID technology, we can transform your drilling, cementing, and completion operations. Your mature asset has more to give. We can help you boost productivity by building performance win upon performance win. Show search Menu.

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Our founder, James MacLean III, was a wireline engineer and experienced firsthand the pain of not knowing where important field equipment was located. The oil and gas industry uses many acronyms and abbreviations. Prior to the industrial age, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was less than ppm parts per million. This data release contains the boundaries of assessment units and input data for the assessment of undiscovered oil and gas in the Eagle Ford group and Associated Cenomanian-Turonian Strata, Texas Gulf Coast. Compared with shorter-term data, the full-year figures are less prone to distortion from periodic maintenance shutdowns and other seasonal cycles. Oil and gas well drilling and servicing activities involve many different types of equipment and materials. DXP services the full range of upstream, midstream and downstream customers. The ECS scope of services covers the projection of your business to foreign markets. Exposures from some oil production and gas processing equipment exceeded 0.

How the Oil and Gas Industry Works

As a priority, Pars Anatolian provides services to the geothermal fields located in the Thrace and Aegean regions, with other services extending to the oilfield and natural gas exploration sector. Starting from the drilling planning stage, Pars provides the entire spectrum of drilling, well completion, logging and production testing services, along with a number of other specialty operations. Pars Anatolian is managed by a dynamic and highly qualified team that is strongly committed to our values and our corporate identity. In addition to an ability to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the industry, Pars also maintains strong bonds with its operator and oilfield equipment manufacturer sister companies, enabling the company to design and optimize its equipment to the exact requirements and priorities of the sector.

For 40 years we have been providing equipment procurement and logistics services to clients in the Oil and Gas, Seismic, Petrochemical, Energy, and Water Drilling industries worldwide. Following are further examples of projects in which HOH provided high quality brands of Oil and Gas equipment as well as freight and logistics services:. In addition to our Headquarters and main warehouse just west of London, we have a facility in Dallas which allows us to gain further credit by way of local purchase, store and consolidate equipment, as well as consignment checking and freight services to end destination.

Oilfield Supply. Consistent pricing programs coupled with a fast response time has been one of the keys to the companies long term success. Creole Compression - Salt water pump and engine rentals. We pride ourselves on our hard-earned reputation for first-class service and high-quality equipment. Oilfield Supply in Pecos on YP. JGB Enterprises specializes in the supply of premium quality hose assemblies for oilfield drilling. The Oilfield Store is uniquely positioned to supply our customers with the best quality equipment and parts from all parts of the world. We have over 30 years of history delivering high quality steel products to the agriculture, construction and oilfield industries. BOX Welcome, you've found Sunrise Oilfield Supply Company. Boots Smith Completion Services is a leading oilfield service company, helping leading oil and gas companies enhance production through a variety of applications, including completion, workover, and optimization.

Oil Production Gathering & Transportation Equipment | Accessories | Our production lines involved drilling, exploring, mining, refining, and other fields.

Oilfield Supply

We are representing several renowned geophysical companies from Russia and CIS who are engaged in providing 2D and 3D seismic surveys onland including logistically difficult areas and hilly tracts , transition zones and in deserts and in offshore blocks. They are successfully operating in the territory of Russia, CIS and near abroad. Some of them have conducted the seismic projects in the territory of India. They are equipped with conventional cabled system or cable-less nodal system in a mixed sources explosive, airgun, vibrators and mixed receivers geophone strings, marsh phone strings, hydrophones, nodes environment providing great flexibility to overcome any logistics challenges. To carry out offshore seismic survey our principal is fully equipped with the 2d and 3d vessels and supporting marine equipment. Our principals from Russia and CIS engaged in providing deep drilling services for onshore areas and own the largest fleets of State Of The Art onshore drilling rigs. Onshore drilling rigs varies with capacity ranging from HP to HP capable of drilling wells up to a depth of Meters. Our principals are specialises in directional drilling, horizontal directional drilling, ER well and in-seam directional drilling Coal Bed Methane.

List of components of oil drilling rigs

For the protection of refining equipments and overhead column and for refinery processing equipments. Coagulants and in-line flocculants for raw inlet or oil water classification slop oil recovery etc. We supply esters produced on the basis of renewable natural resources and other additives for the formulation of drilling fluids, as well as production chemicals for oil and gas exploration. We provide a full range of mud systems to match the drilling programs and environmental requirements of deepwater wells. Global Trust.

Oil Field Tools. Can your oil and gas software give you the information you need to accurately analyze opportunities? Explore our wide range of tubular running equipment and pipe handling tools today! Texas International Oilfield Tools stocks its own inventory of new, used, reconditioned and certified tools and.

Industrial Outlook. Strana

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