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Warehouse space hydraulic drives and hydraulics

Warehouse space hydraulic drives and hydraulics

April Terreri shows how Commercial Intertech Corp. Powers, chairman, president and CEO. Not bad for a company with humble beginnings in the Roaring 20s as a steel scrap reprocessing business in Youngstown. When the fledgling business was in need of capital, it was purchased by five area businessmen with broad experience in the steel industry. Over the next seven decades, the company continued building upon its knowledge, expertise and experience, moving into the hydraulics and pre-engineered building systems industries while continuing to lead and innovate in the stamped steel industry. By the s, Commercial Intertech enjoyed a thriving business in its metal stampings group and its hydraulic systems product line.

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Hydraulic Tools

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Figure 1 Advanced hydraulics and intelligent drive systems are now available to help metal formers tackle more challenging projects that involve new metal alloys that can be difficult to form. By virtue of its speed, force, and power density, hydraulics technology has long been used as a core drive system in stamping presses.

Yet stamping press manufacturers are under pressure to deliver more sophisticated performance. Operators need presses that can provide greater precision; produce more complex shapes and parts; and operate with increased productivity, cost control, and energy efficiency. Many machine designers may not be aware how the latest electrohydraulic control technology has significantly advanced the performance and intelligence of modern hydraulics to achieve those objectives.

Two areas in particular are driving the demand for better hydraulics technology in stamping presses. One is the need to improve precision for increasingly complex shapes stamping presses produce. For example, in the automotive industry, doors, quarter panels, fenders, and other components feature complex, rounded surfaces that require sophisticated hydraulics and controls to achieve accurate and high-volume fabrication. The industry also is seeing a movement to greater use of higher grades of steel, steel alloys, and aluminum to fabricate parts see Figure 1.

These materials react differently to forming processes, which in turn require better hydraulic control to handle the formability challenges. Advanced hydraulics and intelligent drive systems now are available to provide greater precision and improve stamping press productivity and product quality. Some of the capabilities of this versatile drive technology may come as a surprise. The precision of the movement solely depends on the measuring system used.

In stamping presses, hydraulic drives can reliably position axes to within a few micrometers of precision. One way to achieve this precision is through the use of more powerful and accurate measuring system technology. Transducer electronics have been dramatically improved, with digital transducers being free of electrical noise interference present in older analog devices.

Combined with the right digital hydraulic controller, transducer electronics achieve and sustain a much higher level of control over motion sequence parameters such as speed, velocity, and force. This equals much greater control over the quality and precision of the part being produced. It is often difficult to place electromechanical drives with sufficient performance in tight machine spaces. Unlike hydraulic drives, they also generate significant heat.

This is one of the key advantages that hydraulics continues to provide for stamping presses. Because power generation is decentralized in the hydraulic power unit and is connected to the actuator via lines or pipes, machines can generate great forces even with minimal construction space see Figure 2. Even for older-model stamping presses, dramatic improvements in power density can be achieved by retrofitting them with modern electrohydraulic technology, which is compact yet delivers hydraulic pressure up to 5, pounds per square inch.

This kind of retrofitting also can add a level of sophistication to stamping press cushioning functions. Synchronization of the speed, velocity, and force parameters of the cylinders driving the cushioning axis now can be more sophisticated for shaping an asymmetrical part, enabling older presses retrofitted with the latest hydraulics to produce higher-quality, higher-value products.

Figure 2 This amount of space can accommodate electrohydraulics that can deliver high levels of pressure in a stamping press. Some of the most important advances in hydraulic stamping presses involve technologies that operate more intelligently, such as variable-speed hydraulic pump drives. In these systems, software combines the best characteristics from electronic and hydraulic products.

The decentralized intelligence in the electronic control device coordinates the rotational speed of the hydraulic pump drive on demand as the stamping press requires power, or reduces it to zero to save energy in idle mode. In comparison to traditional constant-speed drive systems, energy consumption of hydraulic power units is reduced by up to 80 percent.

This can offer significant savings for older facilities and stamping presses, extending their service life while reducing energy consumption. Those savings can help justify the investment in a hydraulic system controls upgrade. Fluid technology is not always inherently linear.

Drive software for hydraulic actuators takes these characteristics into consideration and harmonizes them automatically. Pre-programmed hydraulic function blocks, like synchronization and position-dependent braking, provide the software foundation for efficient hydraulic controller programming. Hydraulic motion control components have been specifically engineered to take full advantage of modern electrohydraulics and variable-speed pump drives.

They provide intelligent, high-performance control for these pump systems as well as systems controlled with traditional proportional valves. They typically feature advanced control software packages tailored to the unique demands of hydraulic system properties see Figure 3. For example, the software compensates for factors such as fluid compressibility and nonlinear system dynamics. Hydraulic-specific algorithms for proportional valve and variable-speed pump drives allow for smooth transitions between position control and force control, the generation of smooth motion trajectories, and multiaxis synchronization.

These features reduce system shock and impact on tooling, provide improved dynamics and accuracy, and boost energy efficiency and press productivity. Real-time Ethernet protocols are used more and more in modern machines to integrate all actuators and peripherals together. This trend also includes stamping press operations. One key driver in this area is quality control and process data capture for both diagnostic purposes and to document quality processes for end-user parts customers.

Hydraulic controls platforms not only need to tell a valve what to do, they also need to capture data such as valve position and cylinder delivery force and then communicate that information from the press to higher-level management and quality control systems. This is especially important as machines incorporate Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.

Ready-to-install servo-hydraulic axes have an integrated fluid loop and are driven by the same electric servo drives as electromechanical versions see Figure 4. Many hydraulic axes are now available as complete self-contained systems, to which engineers can simply connect power and communication cables for assembly and start-up.

Everything else for example, the parameterization values determined from simulations is already stored in the drive software and supports the plug-and-play philosophy. For stamping press operations, a modular, self-contained hydraulic axis—comprising cylinder, motor, pump, and manifold—could provide an efficient, easily integrated way to upgrade secondary systems, such as tooling used to punch holes on parts that are being simultaneously formed. It also could be a cost-effective method for handling systems that move source metal into presses or remove finished parts.

Bethlehem, PA Read more from this issue. View the Digital Edition. The magazine delivers the news, technical articles, and case histories that enable fabricators to do their jobs more efficiently.

This magazine has served the welding community in North America well for more than 20 years. Today, it remains the only North American publication devoted to this industry, and it has become the most trusted source of information for tube and pipe professionals.

Since the publication has been dedicated to covering the cutting-edge technologies, industry trends, best practices, and news that help stamping professionals run their businesses more efficiently.

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Opened in , the facility was originally made up of a single , sq. Now, the Fountain Inn facility is more than double its original size in order to better serve its customers in the region and beyond.

The series from Chelsea is a brand new line of high quality PTO's with a new and advanced design that utilizes the best in technology from the and series. The PTO pump is slid onto the power take-off splined shaft in a truck or farming tractor transmission system. The patented Chelsea noise-reduction solution that set the truck industry standards for quiet Power Take-Off operation. Truck Hydraulics and PTO. Explore listings for Hydraulic pto pumps for trucks at best prices.

2019 Training Schedule: Industrial Hydraulics Classes

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Product and Supplier Search. The Eaton Corporation has bought Integ Holdings, the parent of Integrated Hydraulics, the UK manufacturer of screw-in cartridge valves, custom-engineered hydraulic valves and manifold systems. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Integrated Hydraulics, which was founded in Kenilworth in by Malcolm Kelly, is a market leader in the development of hydraulic cartridge valves and integrated electrohydraulic control circuits. The company, which employs about people, now occupies more than 5,m 2 of office and factory space at its headquarters in Warwick. For more information on the event, visit the Show Web site. The global site of the UK's leading magazine for automation, motion engineering and power transmission. Apps Corner. Neither create nor destroy. Both create and destroy.

Modern hydraulics: Six advanced capabilities for stamping presses

Luca Bergonzini, the manager of the site, performed the symbolic ribbon-cutting before giving a tour for the guests through the ultra-modern premises. Before long, a state-of-the-art, groundbreaking, automated warehouse will replace the traditional warehouse and provide additional space of 2, square meters. Three automatic loading units make it possible to plan and reschedule processing activities.

The Group offers MerSETA-accredited training programmes and courses for hydraulics, pneumatics and automation aimed at various degrees of specialist operation. We also offer eLearning programmes. This range of hydraulic coolers provides maximum motor and cooler protection for small mobile systems to heavy-duty industrial applications.

Whether its emails, phone calls, or text, NAHI people are always there ready to help. To have someone there you can count on means a lot, and NAHI has always been there for us and we look forward to continuing our great relationship with them. You cannot ask for a better support and relationship between companies. Thank you to the team at NAHI for always stepping up to the plate and keeping our machines running and our customers happy. North American Hydraulics, Inc. THMS for well over 20 years. With NAHI, we experience a proactive sales force that continually works with us to keep product costs and lead-times manageable along with providing new product solutions for our changing market demands. NAHI has consistently provided on-time and accurate product deliveries over the years and has proven over this time to be a very reliable vendor of hydraulic components with a very knowledgeable and helpful staff of sales and service professionals. Our products have met and often exceeded the ever-increasing demands for improved productivity and reliability.

Corp. for motor service prior to firing, motor cleanup after firing, igniter preparation, Another item is the hydraulic and electrical shop in the amount of in the fundamentals of hydraulics, pneumatics, propulsion, and inspection in converted warehouses, 4, square feet or 14 square feet of working space per student.

Hygienic from A to B

The specialised technicians in our hydraulics team are trained to repair every type of hydraulic component. Our customised test benches allow us to guarantee high-quality repairs. They convert fluid pressure and flow into power and speed, respectively. Hydraulic seals Hydraulic applications are a challenge for seals. Not only does the hydraulic seal need to prevent fluid leaking from the part, it must also be able to withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and shear forces within the cylinder, valves, pumps and engines. Hydraulically integrated circuits Custom hydraulic system manifolds also called hydraulic integrated circuits or HICs consolidate and optimise machine control functions. They can be mounted directly onto control units, pumps and cylinders to shorten the hydraulic flow path and improve performance.

August 26, 2015 – Power Hydraulics Converts Empty Warehouse into New State-Of-The-Art Facility

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Hydraulic Coolers

Our closed-trough conveyor belts ensure the energy-efficient and safe transport of coal in China. Please choose your country or region. United States Ok Change. Automotive Group Smart Farming Passenger Cars We are sending autonomous agricultural machinery into the field and developing a platform concept for robots More.

When most people think of a hydraulic fluid leaks, they envision a puddle of fluid on the floor and the need to locate a hole in a hydraulic hose or perhaps a leaking seal. However, not all leaks reveal themselves as puddles, and not all leaks can be solved so easily.

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Figure 1 Advanced hydraulics and intelligent drive systems are now available to help metal formers tackle more challenging projects that involve new metal alloys that can be difficult to form. By virtue of its speed, force, and power density, hydraulics technology has long been used as a core drive system in stamping presses. Yet stamping press manufacturers are under pressure to deliver more sophisticated performance. Operators need presses that can provide greater precision; produce more complex shapes and parts; and operate with increased productivity, cost control, and energy efficiency.

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