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Product manufacture video recording and playback equipment

The H4n Handy Recorder has long been a favorite of audio and video aficionados everywhere. The H4n provides two different ways of recording great-sounding stereo. The angle of the two can easily be changed from 90 degrees for a tightly focused stereo image to degrees for a wider image. The H4n is a great choice for live recording.

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The term includes set-top boxes with direct to disk recording , portable media players and TV gateways with recording capability, and digital camcorders. Many DVRs are classified as consumer electronic devices; such devices may alternatively be referred to as personal video recorders PVRs , particularly in Canada.

TiVo shipped their first units on March 31, [3]. ReplayTV won the "Best of Show" award in the video category [4] with Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen as an early investor and board member, [5] but TiVo was more successful commercially. Legal action by media companies forced ReplayTV to remove many features such as automatic commercial skip and the sharing of recordings over the Internet, [6] but newer devices have steadily regained these functions while adding complementary abilities, such as recording onto DVDs and programming and remote control facilities using PDAs, networked PCs, and Web browsers.

In contrast to VCRs , hard-disk based digital video recorders make " time shifting " more convenient and also allow for functions such as pausing live TV, instant replay, chasing playback viewing a recording before it has been completed and skipping over advertising during playback. As consumers have been able to converge increasing amounts of video content on their set-tops, delivered by traditional ' broadcast ' cable , satellite and terrestrial as well as IP networks, the ability to capture programming and view it whenever they want has become a must-have function for many consumers.

TiVo launched a UK model in , and is no longer supported, except for third party services, and the continuation of TiVo through Virgin Media in In the case of digital television, there is no encoding necessary in the DVR since the signal is already a digitally encoded MPEG stream. The digital video recorder simply stores the digital stream directly to disk.

Having the broadcaster involved with, and sometimes subsidizing, the design of the DVR can lead to features such as the ability to use interactive TV on recorded shows, pre-loading of programs, or directly recording encrypted digital streams.

It can, however, also force the manufacturer to implement non-skippable advertisements and automatically expiring recordings. In the United States, the FCC has ruled that starting on July 1, , consumers will be able to purchase a set-top box from a third-party company, rather than being forced to purchase or rent the set-top box from their cable company.

In many Satellite and Cable providers introduced dual-tuner digital video recorders. The main use for this feature is the capability to record a live program while watching another live program simultaneously or to record two programs at the same time, possibly while watching a previously recorded one.

Some dual-tuner DVRs also have the ability to output to two separate television sets at the same time. Where several digital subchannels are transmitted on a single RF channel, some PVRs can record two channels and view a third, so long as all three subchannels are on two channels or one. In the United States, DVRs were used by 32 percent of all TV households in , and 38 percent by , with viewership among to year-olds 40 percent higher in homes that have them.

DVRs are integrated into some television sets TVs. These systems simplify wiring and operation because they employ a single power cable, have no interconnected ports e. Over-the-air DVRs are standalone set-top-boxes that record broadcast television programs. Several companies have launched over-the-air DVR products for the consumer market over the past few years. Some pay-TV operators provide set-top boxes that allow subscribers to attach their own network-attached storage NAS hard drives or solid-state or flash memory to record video and other media files e.

There are many free and open source software DVR applications available for Linux. Elgato makes a series of digital video recording devices called EyeTV. The software supplied with each device is also called EyeTV, and is available separately for use on compatible third-party tuners from manufacturers such as Pinnacle, TerraTec, and Hauppauge. SageTV software also included the ability to watch YouTube and other online video with a remote control. Applications can also change channels on the cable box via the firewire interface.

Only broadcast channels can be recorded as the rest of the channels are encrypted. Go — TV, which is now a free product but only works in the U. Most TV tuner cards come bundled with software which allows the PC to record television to hard disk. See TV tuner card. An embeddable DVR is a standalone device that is designed to be easily integrated into more complex systems. It is typically supplied as a compact, bare circuit board that facilitates mounting it as a subsystem component within larger equipment.

The control keypad is usually connected with a detachable cable, to allow it to be located on the system's exterior while the DVR circuitry resides inside the equipment. Television and video are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but differ in their technical meaning. Video is the visual portion of television, whereas television is the combination of video and audio modulated onto a carrier frequency i. Most DVRs can record both video and audio.

To record an analog signal a few steps are required. In the case of a television signal, a television tuner must first demodulate the radio frequency signal to produce baseband video. The video is then converted to digital form by a frame grabber , which converts each video image into a collection of numeric values that represent the pixels within the image. At the same time, the audio is also converted to digital form by an analog-to-digital converter running at a constant sampling rate. In many devices, the resulting digital video and audio are compressed before recording to reduce the amount of data that will be recorded, although some DVRs record uncompressed data.

When compression is used, video is typically compressed using formats such as H. VCRs do not understand the meanings of the bits but preserve them in case there is a subsequent attempt to copy the tape to a DVR. Recording digital signals is generally a straightforward capture of the binary MPEG data being received. No expensive hardware is required to quantize and compress the signal as the television broadcaster has already done this in the studio.

The U. Digital video recorders that had not won prior approval from the FCC for implementing "effective" digital rights management would have been banned from interstate commerce from July , but the regulation was struck down on May 6, Devices that can use external storage devices such as hard disks , SSDs , or other flash storage to store and recover data without the aid of another device are sometimes called telememory devices.

Recording satellite television or digital cable signals on a digital video recorder can be more complex than recording analog signals or broadcast digital signals. There are several different transmission schemes, and the video streams may be encrypted to restrict access to subscribers only. A satellite or cable set-top box both decrypts the signal if encrypted, and decodes the MPEG stream into an analog signal for viewing on the television.

In order to record cable or satellite digital signals the signal must be captured after it has been decrypted but before it is decoded; this is how DVRs built into set-top boxes work. Cable and satellite providers often offer their own digital video recorders along with a service plan. These DVRs have access to the encrypted video stream, and generally enforce the provider's restrictions on copying of material even after recording.

Most such DVRs will therefore not allow recording of video streams from encrypted movie discs. A digital camcorder combines a camera and a digital video recorder.

Some editing of the resulting DVD is usually possible, such as adding chapter points. Some digital video recorders can now record to solid state flash memory cards called flash camcorders.

There are some digital video recorders that combine video and graphics in real time to the flash card, called DTE or "direct to edit". These are used to speed-up the editing workflow in video and television production, since linear videotapes do not then need to be transferred to the edit workstation see Non-linear editing system. DVRs can usually record and play H. Some devices can be updated to play and record in new formats.

DVRs usually record in proprietary file systems for copy protection , although some can use FAT file systems. Digital video recorders configured for physical security applications record video signals from closed-circuit television cameras for detection and documentation purposes. Many are designed to record audio as well.

DVRs have evolved into devices that are feature rich and provide services that exceed the simple recording of video images that was previously done through VCRs.

There is also much more control over quality and frame rate allowing disk space usage to be optimized and the DVR can also be set to overwrite the oldest security footage should the disk become full. Some of the latest professional digital video recorders include video analytics firmware, to enable functionality such as 'virtual tripwire' or even the detection of abandoned objects on the scene.

A PC-based DVR's architecture is a classical personal computer with video capture cards designed to capture video images. An embedded type DVR is specifically designed as a digital video recorder with its operating system and application software contained in firmware or read-only memory.

Hardware features of security DVRs vary between manufacturers and may include but are not necessarily limited to:. Some very few , but certainly not all, digital video recorders which are designed to send information to a service provider over a telephone line or Internet or any other way can gather and send real-time data on users' viewing habits.

Digital video recorders are also changing the way television programs advertise products. Watching pre-recorded programs allows users to fast-forward through commercials , and some technology allows users to remove commercials entirely. Patent 4,, focused on a multi-channel design to allow simultaneous independent recording and playback.

Broadly anticipating future DVR developments, it describes possible applications such as streaming compression, editing, captioning, multi-channel security monitoring, military sensor platforms, and remotely piloted vehicles. In , five owners of the ReplayTV DVR sued the main television networks and movie studios, asking the federal judge to uphold consumers' rights to record TV shows and skip commercials, claiming that features such as commercial skipping help parents protect their kids from excessive consumerism.

There is a command-line program called Comskip that detects commercials in an MPEG-2 file and saves their positions to a text file. This file can then be fed to a program like MEncoder to actually remove the commercials. Many [ who? Another type of advertisement shown more and more, mostly for advertising television shows on the same channel, is where the ad overlays the bottom of the television screen, blocking out some of the picture.

Some even make noise or move across the screen. Because of this widely used new technology, advertisers are now looking at a new way to market their products on television. An excerpt from the magazine Advertising Age reads: "As advertisers lose the ability to invade the home, and consumer's minds, they will be forced to wait for an invitation.

This means that they have to learn what kinds of advertising content customers will actually be willing to seek out and receive. With ad skipping and the time-sensitive nature of certain ads, advertisers are wary of buying commercial time on shows that are heavily digitally video-recorded.

Advertisers could inject time-relevant ads to recorded programs when the program is viewed. This way the ads could be not just topical but also personalized to viewers interests. By switching channels, viewers will have the probability of skipping the beginning of their program.

Users might switch to a channel that is also showing ads. Having the ability to pause, rewind, and forward live TV gives users a chance to change the channel fewer times.

Forwarding ads can have a later effect on the viewer. Ads that get the viewers' attention will influence the viewers' to rewind and watch what was missed. With the Auto Hop feature, viewers can watch the programs they choose without commercials, without making the effort to fast-forward.

On May 24, , Dish and the networks filed suit in federal court. On July 14, , Forgent Networks filed suit [33] against various companies alleging infringement on U. Patent 6,, , entitled "Computer controlled video system allowing playback during recording".

The ultra-compact H1 Handy Recorder brings new meaning to the term "portability. You can count on your H1 to deliver pristine audio wherever you go. Condenser microphones requiring Plug-In Power 2.

Dante Virtual Soundcard turns your computer into a Dante-powered workstation, seamlessly integrating your PC or Mac with Dante audio devices on your network. Instantly connect to record, process and playout using any audio application and any combination of Dante-enabled devices. Amplify your message with high quality audio that everyone can hear, using the network and Dante-enabled sound equipment that is already in place. Dante Virtual Soundcard gives you as many channels of audio as you need. Playing out background music from iTunes? Two is enough.

Recording Pens

Powerful systems for managing, protecting, distributing, and monetizing media, including Interplay Production and iNEWS. An open, extensible, and customizable foundation that integrates and simplifies modern media workflows. Cookies allow us to remember your sign-in details, to optimize site functionality and to deliver content tailored to your interests. We collect and use personal information, such as cookies, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Digital video recorder

Cymatic Audio leads the way in audio recording and playback for live performance. We have rock solid hardware, easy-to use-software, and interfaces and options to ensure compatibility with the rest of your audio system — analogue, digital or networked. Our task-specific audio interfaces are designed to facilitate life in a complex, hi-tech environment, reducing the learning curve and offering professionals the tools they need for guaranteed success in getting their job done, day after day, night after night…. Born from a team of seasoned industry veterans who understand that simplicity is the key, Cymatic Audio creates products that deliver unparalleled ease of use, excellent quality, forward thinking compatibility and connectivity…all at affordable prices.

Compact digital film camera with high performance 4.

The Z 6 and Ninja V combination allow you to experience the full quality and flexibility of RAW video shooting with an image-stabilised full-frame sensor, recording in stunning bit 4K UHD resolution. Together they form an affordable state-of-the-art cinema setup. Learn more. Import, edit and grade pristine video with RAW data straight from your camera sensor without slowing down your edit. School Fight is a low budget, independent UK feature film, with a big budget look. This gave post production the latitude to really push what we were capturing on the FS7s to new limits. The HDR display on the Shogun 7, combined with the ability to instantly review the footage on-set, gave the entire crew complete insight of what was being captured in RAW.

Tutorial - Recording audio playing on the computer

Record candid interactions with one of our recording pens. RecorderGear digital recording pens look and function like regular pens, making one the perfect discreet spy cam or audio surveillance device to take with you anywhere. The HD2 records at an incredible 2K resolution making it one of the most advanced, professional grade camera pens on the market.

Copyright or website restrictions may prevent you recording or distributing material. Check first. Generally, it is better to extract or import audio from CDs, DVDs or existing video or audio files than record them as they play.

A video tape recorder VTR is a tape recorder designed to record and playback video and audio material on magnetic tape. The early VTRs were open-reel devices which record on individual reels of 2-inch-wide 5. They were used in television studios, serving as a replacement for motion picture film stock and making recording for television applications cheaper and quicker. Beginning in , videotape machines made instant replay during televised sporting events possible. Improved formats, in which the tape was contained inside a videocassette , were introduced around ; the machines which play them are called videocassette recorders. Agreement by Japanese manufacturers on a common standard recording format, so cassettes recorded on one manufacturer's machine would play on another's, made a consumer market possible; and the first consumer videocassette recorder was introduced by Sony in Jack Mullin if television could be recorded on tape as was the case for audio. Mullin said that he thought that it could be done. However, there was another problem: the magnetic head design would not permit bandwidths over 1 meghertz to be recorded regardless of the tape speed.

Since the early s, recording and production have converted to digital For visual recordings, playback equipment includes filmstrip and slide projectors. playback equipment includes film projectors and screens and video players and the educational environment, versions of the products were adapted specifically.

Video tape recorder

See us in Stand B at. View Cart Checkout. Epiphan Video has everything you need for live streaming and video capture, even from space! We make rock solid, professional video switchers, digital video recorders, screen recorders, PTZ cameras, 4K and HDMI capture cards to let you build the ultimate live video stream. Thousands of people around the world use our hardware video encoders to go live on Facebook, YouTube, and other CDNs every day. See what features create a buzz around Panopto and why all-in-one video recording and streaming hardware is best for your video communications.

Cymatic Audio uTrack24 with Donavan Hepburn – Drummer for Jeff Lynns’ ELO

Neil J. Salkind received his PhD in human development from the University of Maryland, and after teaching for 35 years at the University of Kansas, he was Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology and Research in Education, where he collaborated with colleagues and work with students. His work then changed direction to focus on child and family policy, specifically the impact of alternative forms of public support on various child and family outcomes. He has edited several encyclopedias, including the Encyclopedia of Human Development, the Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics, and the Encyclopedia of Research Design. He was editor of Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography for 13 years. He lived in Lawrence, Kansas, where he liked to read, swim with the River City Sharks, work as the proprietor and sole employee of big boy press, bake brownies see www. Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology.

Dante Virtual Soundcard

Its goal was to be a leader in magnetic recording technology. Over the years, the challenge to be at the cutting edge of data recording technology has pushed the company forward. The guiding principle of TEAC is to enrich our society through our innovative products. For over 60 years, TEAC has been well known for video, image and sound recording technologies.

Panopto has partnered with leaders in the AV industry to bring you the best video recording and live webcasting appliances available. For AV teams and IT organizations, these appliances provide the ability to schedule single or recurring video events in advance, configure recording devices and quality remotely, and monitor recordings as they take place.

UR-4MD is TEAC's latest high-definition medical video recorder designed for quick set up and ease of use, yet includes a robust list of features and capabilities. With auto sensing video connections and automatic video resolution detection, set up is quick and easy.

The term includes set-top boxes with direct to disk recording , portable media players and TV gateways with recording capability, and digital camcorders. Many DVRs are classified as consumer electronic devices; such devices may alternatively be referred to as personal video recorders PVRs , particularly in Canada.

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