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Production commercial slabs, panels and flooring of floors and coatings

Alternative Surfaces offer high quality and versatile modern surfaces for floors, walls and joinery. A seamless overlay system that is hand trowelled over an existing substrate to produce a polished concrete or precast concrete look. X-Bond is a durable microcement coating and an alternative to concrete flooring, concrete render and polished concrete floors. A resilient covering using coloured quartz stones and an epoxy binder. Pre-Stain is an environmentally safe water-based colour stain that is sprayed directly over concrete to highlight the natural beauty of your concrete slab and provide colour.

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Tremco Flooring

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What if you adored your home's concrete floors as much as you do your hardwoods? With a little attention, your concrete floors could look just as good! The secret to nicer concrete floors is polishing and staining.

It's not something many homeowners consider—or even know about—but it's a worthwhile investment for not only aesthetic appeal, but also for longevity. Not only is it subject to cracking as it cures , untreated concrete can be affected by vehicle traffic, corrosive chemicals, and freezing water.

But which is best for your situation—a concrete sealer, or something stronger such as an epoxy or urethane? Topics: Urethane Coatings , Epoxy Coatings. However, these flooring types are all susceptible to high levels of wear and damage in high-traffic areas. Are you looking to build a new beverage processing plant, or need help to remediate flooring issues in an existing building?

However, outdoor concrete surfaces—especially those used for pedestrian or vehicle traffic—can be stained or damaged by everyday use. In areas that regularly experience cold and wet winters, the freeze-thaw cycle can widen cracks and create areas of spalling. Topics: Industrial Floor Coatings. Whether your laboratory is used to conduct biomedical research, test product safety, or pioneer new technologies, you want to keep everyone connected with your lab safe.

One often-overlooked aspect of laboratory safety is the floor itself. Not only should your floor help prevent accidents such as trips and falls, it should also be easy to keep sanitary. While the exact flooring solution for your facility will depend on your field, there are several common factors to consider when choosing flooring for your laboratory:. Looking to save energy costs for your manufacturing plant, warehouse, or other industrial facility? In addition to investing in energy-efficient equipment and evaluating when lights and equipment safely may be shut off, you may also want to consider the finish on your floor.

A high-quality floor coating will not only protect your floor from damage and staining, but it can also help reduce the energy you need to light your facility—that is, if it has a high Light Reflectance Value, or LRV. If your facility deals with sensitive electronic equipment—either manufactured circuit boards or other products, or sensitive computers that store important data—the last thing you want is a stray electrical charge to cause permanent damage. Likewise, if you work with flammable materials, a single spark can put your employees at risk of danger.

This is where an electrostatic dissipative ESD floor coating can save the day. When two surfaces are in contact—in this case, your feet and the floor, electrons may pass from one to another. When they separate—that is, when you step away—the electron imbalance remains, and your body becomes slightly negatively charged.

Topics: Electrostatic Dissipative Flooring. If you manage a manufacturing plant or warehouse, you know that employee accidents can cost your company dearly—both in terms of monetary loss and the lost time and opportunity for your workers. Unfortunately, there are aspects of the industrial workplace that bring with them inherent risks—for example, powerful manufacturing equipment, the necessity for repetitive tasks, and human workers who are prone to error.

Topics: Work Safety. However, this kind of paint will almost certainly be unable to handle the kind of foot and mechanical traffic that commercial and industrial floors are exposed to! Topics: Epoxy Coatings. Why Choose Us?

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There are also some drawbacks to using it in certain areas, but many of them are easy to overcome, and in the end, the positives of polished concrete flooring far outweigh the negatives. It is important to understand the demands of the environment where the flooring will be located as well as the pros and the cons before making a final flooring decision. We can help you with your pros and cons list and make your flooring project a success.

Epoxy Nz Concentrated strength, this 20ml bottle will tint up to 1 litre if required. Compare and learn what UCoat It floor coating system best fits your upcoming project. Composite Components is a fibreglass manufacturing company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Nz site go to Nz site.


Commercial concrete can be broadly defined as concrete used to build or enhance business facilities, such as industrial buildings, warehouses, retail stores, car parks and office buildings. Commercial concrete can be found nearly everywhere in a building, including the walls, floors, exterior walkways and pavements, and even the architectural details. When compared with residential concrete, commercial concrete usually has greater demands placed on it in terms of structural performance and durability. There are a number of solutions outlined below which will vary between the requirements of each building or project:.

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Tremco Flooring. Ideal for use in domestic, light commercial and light industrial enviroments as an underlayment, prior to application of carpet, linoleum and vinyl flooring. Commercial Flooring Specialist. Master Builders Solutions Technical Support. Tremco illbruck LLC is a European manufacturer and service provider of high-performance sealing, bonding, flooring, waterproofing, and passive fire protection for the construction and manufacturing industries. Items 1 to 24 of 37 total. Tremco CS Primer is an all purpose primer that can be used prior to the majority of floor screeds.

Epoxy Vendor.

Turning the existing fresh fish market into one suitable for fish and seafood processing always a challenge. Specifically when it came to a high-performance floor finish. The floor coating systems would be exposed to wear from forklifts, constant cleaning, thermal cycling, organic acids, etc. It should be USDA approved slip-resistant urethane concrete or epoxy floor. The expectations of a reliable concrete floor covering are equally large. Reactive resins flooring from DUOMIT has been offering a welcome solution in kitchens , washrooms, hallways, cold-storage rooms , cellars, and storage areas. We define the best flooring for meat processing, food, and beverage processing facility. They fulfill the need for hygiene and safety for the kitchen facilities and are outstandingly durable combined with an extremely quick installation.

Concrete Floor Waterproofing

Precast concrete offers durable, flexible solutions for floors, walls and even roofs in every type of domestic construction from individual cottages to multi-storey apartments. Common production methods include tilt-up poured on site and precast poured off site and transported to site. An almost endless variety of shapes, colours, textures and finishes is available for precast concrete.

New Concrete — as a guide, new concrete should be left for four weeks to dry in the summer and six in the winter. We also offer additional specialty services which include floor joint repair, joint leveling, trip hazard remediation, and slab stabilization. If your basement floor gets damp when it rains, in the spring, or is damp all year long there is one company that has a way of waterproofing basement floors and walls that might be just what you're looking for.

These two part resin and hardener polymers are growing in popularity for a large variety of concrete flooring solutions including garages, basements, retail outlets, warehouses, showrooms, commercial spaces, and bathrooms. Options include one solid color, multi colored metallics, or aggregate infused epoxy floors. We top these off with a durable clear coat to match your floors expected use. We start off all of our jobs by grinding your concrete floors top layer rough. We use advanced dust extractors so that your environment doesn't get dirty. This allows any chemicals and residue to get removed as well as give the epoxy more surface area to bite down on. The small pores and cavities that are created let the epoxies soak down into the concrete and properly adhere. We then fix any cracks and cavities that may be present so you get a more attractive final product.

Aug 13, - Concrete Sealer Vs. an Epoxy/Urethane Coating If you're looking for the most durable commercial flooring available (and would like to save starting with your concrete slab and applying one of these attractive finishes: a coffee roasting operation, or a large-scale production plant for bottled drinks, the.


Laminates are a hard surface flooring manufactured from several layers of material fused together with heat and pressure to form rigid, fixed size boards. Luxury vinyl is used in homes but most often in commercial environments where products need to stand up to heavy use conditions like high foot traffic or rolling loads. High quality products like Evoke are made from real vinyl; some inferior brands may use composite or filler material. VCC combines the very best features of both laminate and luxury vinyl. A common feature of nearly all laminate, luxury vinyl and vinyl composite core floors is that they have the appearance of being made from wood, stone or other natural material. All three products have similar wear, durability and performance characteristics. If in doubt, ask your dealer for input. Evoke floors have a finish layer similar to that of hardwood floors and they are susceptible to the same type of damage.

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Precast Concrete Slabs Cost. Hollowcore floors are used due to their lower cost and quick erection installation time. Hollowcore concrete slab is a versatile precast element. Average conditions are considered in the following piling costs. Concrete frames can be constructed quickly and safely, and are competitive in most situations [25,26]. A total precast concrete parking under construction. Our combined expertise tallies decades in the precast industry, which gives us the edge in many areas, including:. Do you consider it safe enough to lift hollow-core slabs with clamps? There have been unfortunate incidents when the slabs have accidentally fallen from the clamps.

Precast concrete

Architectural Graphic Standards. American Institute of Architects , Keith E.

Alternative Surfaces

What if you adored your home's concrete floors as much as you do your hardwoods? With a little attention, your concrete floors could look just as good! The secret to nicer concrete floors is polishing and staining. It's not something many homeowners consider—or even know about—but it's a worthwhile investment for not only aesthetic appeal, but also for longevity.

They are designed for a floor service life time in excess of 30 years, so the durability of the protection for these assets is a very important requirement. Every nonscheduled down time for essential repairs or maintenance means a serious financial loss to the plant.

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