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Space manufactory optical observation devices and sights

Space manufactory optical observation devices and sights

US Apparatus for projecting space image. US Polarization converting element group for projection apparatus and projection apparatus. US Light dividing structure and optical machine system comprising the same. US Reflective liquid crystal display panel and device using same. US 3d liquid crystal display system.

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Telescopic sight

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Inventory Clearance Call to place an order! Any prior systems sold under Night Vision Depot will have their warranty honored for their remaining time period. This 10 year warranty is a testament to the high standards and performance practices NVD places upon all of its products. Read More! Night Vision Devices is the source for the highest quality US manufactured night vision binoculars, monoculars, weapon sights, night vision parts and service.

We are experts in night vision technologies with over 60 years combined experience in the industry. We have a large range of systems available for international or exportable sales. All of these products will require a US Export License. It is the end users responsibility to obtain any and all U. Government export licenses and provide a copy prior to sale. View our Digital Catalog.

Phone: Fax: sales nvdevices. Specifications subject to change without notice. Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U. BOOTH Gen 3. Featured Products. All Rights Reserved.

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While space is increasingly crucial to modern society, it is also increasingly hazardous for satellites. Space is congested with tens of thousands of man-made objects as well as micro-meteors, asteroids and other natural satellites.

Senop NVG M40 is a lightweight and compact high-performance night vision monocular. The M40 utilizes high-precision glass optics along with the latest composite material technology in order to gain high levels of usability and performance for soldiers in demanding battlefield conditions. VVLITE is a lightweight monocular night vision goggle which can be used as a self-contained pocket scope or can be mounted to helmet, head or weapon. VV3X is a night vision sight equipped with 3X magnifying optics. VV3X is suitable for use with both light and heavy arms, as well as weapons systems and missile systems.


The Hubble Space Telescope often referred to as HST or Hubble is a space telescope that was launched into low Earth orbit in and remains in operation. It was not the first space telescope but it is one of the largest and most versatile, well known both as a vital research tool and as a public relations boon for astronomy. Hubble features a 2. Hubble's orbit outside the distortion of Earth's atmosphere allows it to capture extremely high-resolution images with substantially lower background light than ground-based telescopes.

Space & Scientific Instrumentation: earth observation, laser-satellite communication, astronomy

Gaia was originally the acronym for Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics, the initial name of the mission. This reflected the technique of optical interferometry that was first planned for use on the spacecraft. Although the acronym initially written GAIA is no longer applicable, the name remains to provide project continuity. The Gaia mission will survey about one billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy to create the largest and most accurate three-dimensional map of the Galaxy ever obtained. From the information obtained, astronomers will be able to understand much more about the structure, contents and evolution of our Galaxy, how it came into being and why it is the way it is.

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The company Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide was founded in on the basis of two private enterprises — a manufacturing one in the Republic of Belarus, which was producing spotting scopes since , and a trading optical one located in Texas, USA. The product line of the company included day optical devices spotting scopes and binoculars.

TNO cooperates with companies, the public sector and other organisations, to apply our knowledge and expertise with and for others. TNO offers you the chance to do groundbreaking work and help customers and society with innovative, practical and smart solutions. On TNO Insights you can read in-depth interviews and articles. From ground-breaking climate research and satellites for observational systems, to non-invasive medical research and semiconductor production: we have a lot to thank optical scientific instruments for, including their use in space technology. The Netherlands has a strong international position in the development and implementation of innovative and optical instruments for use in space and science. Ever since its foundation, TNO has been active in the field of advanced optical instruments, and for over 50 years has been developing instruments for use in space, astronomy, scientific research and manufacturing industry. The measuring instruments contribute to dealing with important social issues, spur on science and form the basis for hi-tech industry and job opportunities in the Netherlands. Over the years, dozens of satellites as well as ground-based telescopes have been equipped with systems that TNO has designed, built and tested. Our technology ranges from spectrometers for Earth observation to opto-mechanical instruments and other high-tech mission-critical space components for space science and optical communication applications. Earth Observation is the use of satellite instruments to image our planet.

Optronics Defence

We design, develop and manufacture optical, optronic and precision-engineered products for military, civil and security applications. These optronic products are used globally by armed forces and security personnel for monitoring, identification and classification purposes, as well as for highly precise measurement, evaluation, targeting and self-protection. They are deployed on various platforms, including submarines, armoured vehicles, manned and unmanned aircraft and satellites, for land, air, sea and space missions.

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Especially, the best mission performance capability is maintained in the various combat environments such as night and weather deterioration. It secures the stability possibly adjusting to the extreme space environment to enable the high resolution image transmission. It is fabricated with the single silicon carbide material with the good non-rigidness and heat conductivity to strengthen the functionality. The infrared sensor system enabling the day and night shooting has the resolution of 5. Wheel Type Antiaircraft Gun Electro-Optical Tracking System EOTS The EOTS mounted to the wheel type antiaircraft gun detects and captures the target allocated with the orientation toward the target position in case of the target allocated from the external antiaircraft system and provides the target information for the antiaircraft system to engage in battle. In case of restricting the linkage with the external antiaircraft system, the automatic search and tracking in the fixed section or in all directions are possible. Seaside Guard Unmanned Scientification System It is the project on building the unmanned observation guard system supplementing the reduction of the police and military guard manpower through the project on building the integration situation room performing the remote control and monitoring in linkage with the various sensors including the Thermal Observation Device TOD , seaside observation radar, and guard camera of the seaside guard post. Moreover, it can be also used for the border and coastline surveillance and for the various industrial areas including the inspection on the part having trouble in visual identification, the vessels, and the autonomous vehicles. For the performance improvement of the K1E1 artilleryman sight of Hanwha Systems, the stabilization function is secured by applying the high precision stabilization part to optimize the military requirements and the system requirements and to improve the combat power with the image quality greatly improved by applying the 2D array thermal detector and the high resolution TV camera. It enables the prompt enemy target detection and the correct aimed shot in the chaotic combat environment accordingly.

Milton Ohring, in Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices, process due to the inability of the polymers to be self-organized at room temperature. Electro-optical devices usually form part of an observation platform. A manufacturing goal for high-reliability components is to extend the life of.

Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) (Archived)

A telescopic sight , commonly called a scope , is an optical sighting device that is based on a refracting telescope. Telescopic sights are used with all types of systems that require accurate aiming but are most commonly found on firearms , particularly rifles. Other types of sights are iron sights , reflector reflex sights , and laser sights. The optical components may be combined with optoelectronics to form a night scope. The first experiments directed to give shooters optical aiming aids go back to the early 17th century. For centuries different optical aiming aids and primitive predecessors of telescopic sights were created that had practical or performance limitations. In the late s the English amateur astronomer William Gascoigne was experimenting with a Keplerian telescope and left it with the case open. Later he found that a spider had spun its web inside the case and when he looked through the telescope found that the web was in focus as well as distant objects and he realised that he could use this principle to make a telescopic sight for use in his astronomical observations. In Charles Willson Peale attempted to have a telescope mounted to a rifle as a sighting aid, but without the ability to mount the telescope due to the lens arrangement to set it back from the rifleman's eye, the telescope impacted the rifleman's eye when firing due to recoil.

Hubble Space Telescope

The following disclosure relates generally to microelectronic devices and methods for packaging microelectronic devices. Several aspects of the present invention are directed toward packaging microelectronic imagers that are responsive to radiation in the visible light spectrum or radiation in other spectrums. Microelectronic imagers are used in digital cameras, wireless devices with picture capabilities, and many other applications. Cell phones and Personal Digital Assistants PDAs , for example, are incorporating microelectronic imagers for capturing and sending pictures. The growth rate of microelectronic imagers has been steadily increasing as they become smaller and produce better images with higher pixel counts. CCD image sensors have been widely used in digital cameras and other applications. CMOS image sensors are also quickly becoming very popular because they are expected to have low production costs, high yields and small sizes. CMOS image sensors can provide these advantages because they are manufactured using technology and equipment developed for fabricating semiconductor devices. The imager 1 includes a die 10 , an interposer substrate 20 attached to the die 10 , and a housing 30 attached to the interposer substrate

Inventory Clearance Call to place an order! Any prior systems sold under Night Vision Depot will have their warranty honored for their remaining time period.

Sunlight reflected off of resident space objects can be used as an optical signal for astrometric orbit determination and for deducing geometric information about the object. With the increasing population of small satellites and debris in low Earth orbit, photometry is a powerful tool in operational support of space missions, whether for anomaly resolution or object identification.

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A tower viewer [ citation needed ] is a telescope or binoculars permanently mounted on a stalk. The device magnifies objects seen through its lenses, allowing users to see farther and more clearly than they could with the naked eye or with less powerful viewing devices. Tower viewers are typically metallic and most swivel horizontally and vertically within given axes of rotation to permit a range of view. The viewing machines are commonly placed in tourist destinations and scenic lookouts for the purpose of viewing attractions and events of interest; they are also used in residential, business, recreational and government locations for the purposes of surveillance and safety monitoring.

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