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For more than years Stoelzle Glass Group has been known for its utmost know-how and excellence in the manufacturing of high-end packaging glass. Stoelzle manufactures moulded glass containers for the pharmaceutical , spirits , food , perfumery and cosmetic industry in a huge variety of different designs and sizes. The product range is complemented by the Medical Laboratory division , offering laboratory equipment, instruments, closures and packaging solutions in small batches. Stoelzle manufactures a broad range of Type III primary packaging glass for the pharmaceutical industry. The product range includes dropper bottles, medicine and syrup bottles, injection vials and infusion bottles as well as tablet and ointment jars or wide mouth packers. To be one step ahead with your internationally renowned brands, comfortably rely on our extraordinary stunning designs and innovative production techniques, be it for customized products or containers called off from our stock.

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Product Information Whenever you need direct access to your cells, dishes are the format of choice. Eppendorf cell culture dishes were designed with a focus on improved handling and stacking performance to ensure a new level of safe One vessel for all applications in molecular biology, chemistry, and Product Information Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes are the result of 50 years of continuous improvement and development. The original Safe-Lock tubes protect your sample with excellent centrifugation stability, feature optimized sealing properties, Culture vessels come calibrated and have two side ports and a central filling port.

Completely seal vessels for use with pathogenic materials. Glass tubes with bubble trap Glass tubes with bubble trap for single measurements. Filling through narrow end and short turnover after sealing prevents influence of air bubbles on measurement. Glass tube with center filling cup Glass tube with center filling cup for single measurements. The filling cup allows easy filling and emptying of the tube; Air bubbles escape through the filler opening when moved slightly.

Glass tube without bubble trap Glass sample tube for single measurements without bubble trap. This volumetric flask is classified under class A and is constructed to accommodate a maximum of 10 ml.

Designed in borosilicate glass, this flask with blue colored graduation, this equipment is fully certified.

It is integrated with This graduated cylinder constructed in a 3. It is characterized by its main point ring graduation as well as its spout design. This equipment has a plastic socket and This mixing cylinder features borosilicate glass 3. This also offers blue graduation, standard ground and PE stopper. It has designed with hexagonal glass socket and graduation marks. It has volume capacity Your best troubleshooting partner Discover an easy way to get complete data on your microscope performances.

Power Measurement Measure Usage Argolight slide are designed to routinely check the stability of the characteristics of your systems. Description Argo-HM slides are re-usable stable fluorescence slides for assessing and monitoring fluorescence-based imaging Description Argo-SIM slides are re-usable stable fluorescence slides for assessing and monitoring fluorescence-based Our Metal Detectable Bottles are ideal for use in manufacturing in food companies and general industry.

The bottles have a wide opening and so are ideal for use with powders. The range is manufactured from a special grade of metal Stainless PharmaBottles Stainless PharmaBottles are high quality stainless steel bottles with a screw on lid. Stainless PharmaBottles are ideal for the storage of powders and liquids, they also make ideal transport containers. SteriWare Powder Bottles Single use bottles made in a Cleanroom Disposable Powder Bottles are a new premium screw top bottle that are moulded in a class , cleanroom.

They are designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical Burette with splinter-proof sheathing Adjusted to Ex Burette made of borosilicate glass 3. It has burette capacity of 5 mL, division of 0. For use in laboratories, chemists, in workshops, during outdoor field work and wherever volumetric measurements have to be made during production. It is fast, very versatile, can be upgraded easily at any time and provides the best analysis Apparatus for classic, manual extraction using the Soxhlet method.

Tried and tested C. Serial heating What distinguishes a sampling valve from any other type of valve is the method of collection and the sampling receptacle. At BIAR, we offer numerous sampling collection options, based on the characteristics of the chemical being sampled. The burette can be used with all dosing liquids, solvents New developed, extremely strong stirring bar remover with an integrated corrosion-resistant high energy magnet, ideal for reliable inserting and removing of strong and heavy magnetic stirring bars.

Simple handling due to a special PTFE-coated flexible stirring bar remover with extremely strong permanent magnet neodym , 70 cm length. Universal chemical resistance also in aggressive media, ideal for fast removal of heavy and big magnetic stirring bars with Sample tubes for luminescence. Separatory Funnel GL bottom connection, for quick removal and fast sealing Rodaviss stopper, for easy removal of glass-on-glass joints PTFE stopcock for controlling flow rate 6, ml.

Our experts use the latest calculation software to design and manufacture our columns, with an optimal cost-benefit ratio according all international standards. Our high quality standards ensure perfect geometry, including the perfect Made in polystyrene.

Supplied in groups of 20 units, packaged in heat sealed bags. Code is aseptic. Code is sterile by radiation. Suitable for automatic filling machines. Transparent squared jars made of PET. Wide mouth and grips at two sides, easing the sample collection.

Red cap made of polypropylene with internal liner made of polexan with a label that performs as tamper evident. Sterilised by radiation. Made of a clear polypropylene, supplied capped and labeled, indicating filling line, lot number, and expiry date.

The anticoagulant pulverization inside the tube optimizes the mixture and avoids the unnecessary blood dilution. The anticoagulant Collagen I, found in most tissues and organs, is most plentiful in dermis, tendon, and bone. It is an integral part of the framework that holds cells and tissues together and has been recognized as a useful matrix for improving cell culture.

Boro 3. For rapid filtration. Short stem. Translucent, rigid polypropylene bottles with polypropylene screw caps Heavy duty Available with a steel core or in solid PTFE, these rods are chemically resistant, inert, and non-abrasive. Highest Quality Vials Maximize your lab efficiency with fewer failed assays and limited instrument downtime caused by vials out of specification. You can choose from Waters broad range of vials, each one is held to tight dimensional Test glass for optical checks of aerosols.

Original BUCHI glassware guarantees the highest levels of efficiency and safety thanks to outstanding precision in manufacturing. For more than 75 years BUCHI has been manufacturing innovative and durable glass parts to ease daily laboratory The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Laboratory glassware 67 companies products. Erlenmeyer 25 flat-bottom 25 volumetric 25 cylindrical 17 conical bottom 15 reagent 15 round-bottom 15 dropper 12 Kjeldahl 9 distillation 8 Dreschel 5 nephelo style 4 pear-shaped 4 filter 3 Roux 2 shake 1 not specified 35 Submit.

G Finneran Associates, Inc. New Products Only. Compare this product. Petri dish. Make a request. See the other products Eppendorf. See the other products Argolight. See the other products Sampling Systems Ltd. PP bottle. PP graduated cylinder Hohe Form. PP graduated cylinder. Soxhlet extractor. Petri dish xx. Where to Buy. See the other products Corning Life Sciences.

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The food should always be fresh. Bags are not always the best option for them to be stored because they produce moisture and can dry the food if it is stored for a long time. The Tupperware brand still goes strong today, over 70 years after its inception.

Glass production involves two main methods — the float glass process that produces sheet glass, and glassblowing that produces bottles and other containers. Broadly, modern glass container factories are three-part operations: the batch house , the hot end , and the cold end. The batch house handles the raw materials; the hot end handles the manufacture proper—the forehearth, forming machines, and annealing ovens; and the cold end handles the product-inspection and packaging equipment. Batch processing is one of the initial steps of the glass-making process. The batch house simply houses the raw materials in large silos fed by truck or railcar and holds anywhere from 1—5 days of material. Whether automated or manual, the batch house measures, assembles, mixes, and delivers the glass raw material recipe batch via an array of chutes, conveyors, and scales to the furnace.

Borosil glass bottles

Attractive, modern, impressive, glamorous. These words describe the distinctive feature of the diagonal waves running around the entire bottle shape. The design is inspired by an antique oil can and represents American and the vintage industrial era. On the go consumption — packaged in an artfully designed compact, amber, stubby bottle that features a clean cylindrical shape and generously rounded shoulder. Customized engraving speaks to heritage and the tradition of craft.


Related Products: Reagent Bottle Amber. Calibrated to contain TC , these flasks feature white enamel printing and diamond etched graduation line. Our flasks feature heavy-duty and uniform wall thickness and a wide mouth design for…. Related Products: Amber Volumetric Flask. Amber color protects light sensitive products. PTFE lined lid. NOTE: Image might not represent exact model of product listed in clearance section.

This second edition is entirely redesigned, with all new illustrations and updated entries to discuss new technologies and techniques.

All of the pride, hard work, and joy you pour into your brand inspires what we pour into Anchor Glass. Our flat corporate hierarchy and various nationwide locations provide endless opportunity for growth. Our standard is a flawless customer experience that starts with getting it done right, each and every time. Enjoy our customer-centric approach, while leveraging the assets of a nationwide powerhouse. Click on each core value below to learn more! We are obsessed with the finer details. Our consistent operational excellence helps our clients look flawless in the eyes of their customers.

Amber Glassware

Product Information Whenever you need direct access to your cells, dishes are the format of choice. Eppendorf cell culture dishes were designed with a focus on improved handling and stacking performance to ensure a new level of safe One vessel for all applications in molecular biology, chemistry, and Product Information Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes are the result of 50 years of continuous improvement and development.

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The consistent pursuit of market-leading innovation, quality and customer service, backed by investment in our people and processes, has underpinned our rapid growth over the past two decades. We remain focused on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business to deliver long-term, sustainable success for our stakeholders. Ardagh Group has a truly global presence. Further information on Trivium Packaging can be found here. The people that make up Ardagh share much more than a strong brand and an excellent reputation. We each share a common vision: to be the preferred packaging partner to the world's leading brands. We will achieve our vision by delivering customer innovation, providing an inspirational environment for our people and creating sustainable value for our business through growth and development. We are committed to conducting our activities with the highest standards of integrity and business practice in dealing with all of our stakeholders.

Glassjacks manufacture and supply glassware storage boxes and glassware including glassware crates, drinking glasses, wine glasses, glass storage boxes.

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Lightweight glass reduces energy and raw material consumption, thereby saving resources. New production methods make it possible to manufacture particularly thin-walled lightweight glass containers. Instead of the traditional blow-and-blow process, we use the narrow-neck-press-and-blow process. Our lightweight glass technology guarantees that our sustainable glass bottles weigh significantly less while remaining as strong and stable as their heavier predecessors. Furthermore, the ecological benefits of traditionally manufactured glass are retained.

Premiere American Glass Manufacturer

As a key supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, Ace Glass manufactures glass reaction systems up to liters in size, complete with all controls and accessory equipment. In addition to our wide-ranging product offerings, Ace Glass will also fabricate custom laboratory glassware to meet the most demanding customer specifications. Whatever your laboratory glassware needs might be, Ace Glass can help you meet them. We've been doing just that for satisfied customers worldwide for over 80 years. We'd love to add you to our list of success stories. Ace Glass Incorporated. All rights reserved. Contact Us. Sales Reps.

Best Glass Food Storage Container: Tupperware Reviews

Boroux glass water bottle products can be infinitely reused, replacing the need for plastic bottles that leach chemicals and overwhelm our landfills. Borosil Bottle, ml These bottles not only look nice but are made with thick glass so not fragile like other glass bottles we come across. This means it will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. Borosil BOD Bottles include glass stoppers and plastic caps that can be placed over the glass stoppers for added security.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Our glass jars are as beautiful as they are functional.

Laboratory glassware refers to a variety of equipment used in scientific work, and traditionally made of glass. Glass can be blown, bent, cut, molded, and formed into many sizes and shapes, and is therefore common in chemistry , biology , and analytical laboratories. Many laboratories have training programs to demonstrate how glassware is used and to alert first—time users to the safety hazards involved with using glassware. The history of glassware dates back to the Phoenicians who fused obsidian together in campfires making the first glassware.

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